“It’s true when they say that your health is the wealth of wealth …”

How To Raise Your Libido Eating The Right Food

If your Libido is lower than a limbo bar, you will be happy to know that there are certain foods that can raise it. We outline what they are plus we have the added bonus of including Rachel Rays popular BIG O Smoothie. Check out all the details now.

How To Reverse Years Of High Heel Damage

73% of American Woman have a foot related issue and it’s all down to our love of high heels! See how you can reverse the damage and avoid uncomfortable foot complaints later. We also have included a helpful shoe guide that shows you how to pair shoes with your favorite outfits.

The Amazing Effects Of Taking Spirulina

Spirulina is quickly becoming a powerful superfood with the ability to knock out disease and prevent a wide range of illnesses and health issues. Read all about spirulina here and watch this great video from a renowned natural health doctor to see exactly how much and when you should take it.


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