The Alarming Effects Prescription Drugs Have On Your Brain

If you value your brain health and are concerned about it’s ongoing function, this is the post for you. Find out how prescription drugs adversely affect it. Watch the video now.

Mental health is your real wealth and given that dementia, memory loss and alzheimers are at all time highs, there is so much evidence that they contribute to the deterioration of your brain.

Today we are sharing some very important information with you. We encourage you to research it and ask questions. There is no reason that your brain needs to deteriorate but the sad fact is that prescription drugs are something you need to reduce.


You may think it is impossible or that they are keeping you alive. This is mostly not the case. There is much you can do to improve your health through dietary changes and lifestyle. You may even look to more holistic practitioners for advice.

At the end of the day, the most unhealthy thing you can do is rely on ANYONE to treat your health. You must be your own Doctor and look into things. You must be invested. There is plenty of information available on any subject after a simple Google search.

Dr Martha Burns Video

Dr Martha Burns explains how Prescription Drugs and even caffeine affect your brain. We highly recommend that you watch her quick video and also that you again do some of your own research. Get several opinions from a variety of Medical Practitioners and remember that one of the biggest causes of death is Doctor Patient Care. All the more reason to take your health back and rely on your own investigations. Click Play above ^

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