This famous video has gone viral all over the world promising to alleviate people’s Tinnitus in seconds. But does it work? We’ve included the video tutorial so that you can put it to the test.

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If you suffer from Tinnitus it can affect your work, social and family life. Recently someone posted a possible Tinnitus reliever on Reddit. It has blown up all over the internet with many speaking of their success.

Many people who have left comments on the posts, videos, and articles and we thought that it may be helpful for those in our community that is suffering.  It takes seconds and requires only your hands.

What Causes My Tinnitus?

Tinnitus can only be described by people who suffer from it as a persistent sound in the ear. Some people hear a ringing, some hear an alarm-like sound, and some may hear a whooshing.

Although Tinnitus can be a symptom of an underlying condition, such as age-related hearing loss, there can be certain things that bring it on. The most common, according to the Mayo Clinic, is ear hair cell damage. Inside your ear canal, there are tiny hairs that help you hear by sending signals to your brain.

When sound waves cause these hairs to move, your brain interprets this as sound, and you hear. If these hairs are bent or broken, they can accidentally send sound signals to your brain.

There can be many causes of Tinnitus, and it’s always a good idea to check with your Doctor when you experience symptoms. You need to be sure there are no underlying health conditions. The trick that we are sharing today from Reddit might just be your ticket to relief.

The Reddit Tinnitus Cure Video

via Abdeljalil Atlassi

This easy Tinnitus cure was originally posted on Reddit a few months back. Although it took time to gain some traction, it’s been a hotly debated topic. Mainly because most people can’t believe that getting rid of their Tinnitus can be so simple.

Although most commenters claim that this cure works only temporarily, they still continue to do it daily to keep their Tinnitus at bay. Especially in cases where Doctors can’t pinpoint the cause, it can help a lot! We have included a video and step-by-step instructions. Click Play above to view ^

How To Do The Reddit Tinnitus Cure

Here is the cure broke down step-by-step:

  1. Begin by placing your hands flat down in front of you. Place your pointer finger (next to thumb) on top of your middle finger, so it almost looks like you’re crossing your fingers for luck.
  2. Take your hands in this position and place each of them over your ears, resting your fingers firmly on the back of your head.
  3. Snap your pointer finger down by sliding it off of your middle finger so it taps the space on your head below.
  4. Place your pointer finger back on top of your middle finger and repeat this motion 50 times.
  5. Take your hands off of your ears and enjoy the silence!

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