10 Signs You’re Magnesium Deficient & How To Fix It

Magnesium is a true miracle of nature. Find out the signs you are magnesium deficient and how it affects your health. This is a must read for each and everyone of us.

Magnesium is known for it’s miracle natural properties and it has a myriad of benefits for your health and your body. Today we are exploring what the signs of Magnesium Deficiency are and if your body needs more.

Before we dive right in, we thought it might be of interest to share what the major benefits of Magnesium are.

As you can see by the infographic above from Dr Axe there are plenty of reasons why you should be interested to ramp up your Magnesium intake.

It assists with digestion which in turn relieves constipation and assists with muscle spasms. It also regulates your calcium and potassium levels and also helps prevent brittle bones and Osteoporosis. It helps treat insomnia and helps you fall asleep. It increases your energy and calms your nerves. The benefits are life changing to say the least.

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This excellent infographic from Wellness Mama outlines the main signs that you may be Magnesium Deficient. Do you recognize any of the above symptoms in your own life?

High Blood Pressure and Hypertension, Sleep issues, Hormone Problems, Anxiety and Depression, Muscle Spasm’s and Cramps plus Calcification of the Arteries are all signs.

Katie has some Magnesium rich food recommendations on her list including Bananas, Dark Chocolate, Figs, Avocados, Spinach, Yogurt to name a few.

Dr Carolyn Dean MD has written many books on Magnesium Deficiency and today she shares some valuable information that can be truly life-changing. She says it is excellent for heart health, diabetes, autoimmune and many other benefits. She is a true authority and considers it a true miracle. Click Play above ^

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