Saving your child’s baby teeth might be a potential life saver according to newly published research. Find out all the details now and be sure to watch the video too.

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Although parents saving their child’s first baby tooth is nothing new, recent studies now show that you might want to hold onto them all. Stem cell research on baby teeth shows they could be a health goldmine later on in life.

Often used to treat life-altering diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, saving these cells now could be a way to ensure your child enjoys a pain free life long-term.

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As mentioned, saving baby teeth is nothing new. In fact on Etsy, this Baby Teeth Keepsake is a very popular baby shower gift.

It’s a best seller and a very cute idea.  You can get yours here.

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There are numerous ways that stem cells are helping those who suffer from debilitating diseases. In the future, scientists may be able to completely eradicate them. So just imagine what having a whole bank of healthy stem cells could mean for your child.

It could be like buying a huge insurance policy against disease. That’s why many parents are now choosing to use dental stem cell banking to store their children’s teeth.

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With proper storage, the stem cells inside baby teeth could be harvested decades later if needed. Stem cells form in teeth in order to help everything inside the tooth grow.

Tissue, nerves, enamel, and dentin are all formed from stem cells. Scientists have discovered that the stem cells inside baby teeth are plentiful and easy to remove.

Although stem cells are also present in other teeth, studies show baby teeth are best. That’s due to lack of decay and wear and tear as compared to adult teeth. This makes it much easier for doctors to, later on, take the stem cells out of teeth and use them as treatment.

Currently, there are over 2000 clinical trials showing how stem cells can be used. Treating degenerative disease and helping to grow brand new tissues are just some of the benefits of these powerful cells.

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That’s what saving those little teeth could mean for children in the near future. Instead of having to wait for a donor on a long list of patients, they would have their own personal bank of cells waiting for them.

So the next time your child loses a tooth, you might want to remind the tooth fairy to hold onto those tiny pearly whites. They could be the most important thing you ever save!

Why You Should Keep Baby Teeth Video

We have included this video from Brightside that will step you through the reasons why you might want to keep your babies teeth.

After you take on the information, you can be the judge. Click Play above to view now ^

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