Find Out The 7 Foods That Sabotage Your Thyroid

Are you suffering Thyroid issues? We’ve rounded up some Thyroid Remedies Natural Treatment ideas that you will be keen to explore plus we have a Diet Plan and Video too.

According to Dr Axe, an underactive thyroid is a condition that can have wide spread health implications and around 12% of the population will develop this condition.

It is also suggested that around 40% have some form of Thyroid problem. The good news is that with careful research and dietary changes, you can see a big improvement. If you, like us, prefer natural remedies, you will love these suggestions.

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We thought we would begin with 7 foods that could be making your thyroid sick. Small changes can have a big impact on your health and there are certain things that can wreak havoc.

Top of the list is Soy. Given that it is genetically modified, it should be cut from your diet immediately. Grains are something else that you should give the boot, particularly gluten and whilst it pains us to say, caffeine makes the list! It is detrimental to your thyroid and adrenals as is sugar. Raw cruciferous vegetables, Fluoridated Water and Vegetable Oils need to go also.

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Dr. Axe has some excellent suggestions when it comes to natural treatments that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

As you can see from the list using Lemongrass and Myrrh Essential Oils to can actually fix Thyroid dysfunction in 10% of those affected.

Dr Axe also suggests Probiotic Supplements as another excellent choice. So is a capsule of Vitamin B Complex daily.

Upping your fish oil intake in your diet and also through supplements will also have a positive effect. You get the double whammy as fish is great brain food and essential for Thyroid function.

Natural Thyroid Remedies Video

We highly recommend that you watch this very informative video from Dr Axe. He tells you his top 5 remedies and explains the benefits in great detail. Once you are armed with the right information, you can start making the changes and investigations that will be the most beneficial to you. Click Play above to view ^

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