How And Why To Do Tongue Scraping

You will be amazed at the benefits of Tongue Scraping. See how you can take your oral hygiene to a whole new level …

If you would like to have fresher breath and a better tasting mouth, these are just a couple of the benefits that come with Tongue Scraping. This is an ancient remedy and it truly works.

While you sleep, toxins are absorbed and eliminated in your body and the Tongue is one of the areas that it manifests.

info via Temple Turmeric

Tongue Scraping will remove the build-up and improve your oral hygiene no end. You can purchase a Tongue Scraper on Amazon.

From our investigations, Dr. Tung’s Tongue Scraper seems to be the most popular. There are some that actually use a spoon too. Your taste buds will improve, as will your breath and you will feel more energized.

How To Use A Tongue Scraper Video

This video shows you how to use Dr. Tungs Tongue Scraper, again as mentioned above, you can use a spoon. It is not as effective but could be a good introduction to the technique prior to investing in Dr. Tungs which is very inexpensive. You can get yours here.

To watch the video, click Play above ^ Coconut Oil Pulling is another popular practice. Read about it here

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