What Your Poop & Pee Is Saying About Your Body

Now you can be your own Doctor and check your Poop and Pee against this helpful chart. See what your body is trying to tell you with this excellent infographic.

what your poop and pee are trying to tell you

More and more people are checking the bowl before they flush and with very good reason. We recently shared the Bristol Stool Chart with our Community.

It is the very same that is used widely by the Medical Profession. It is considered entirely accurate and it gives the best possible insight into how you are travelling on the inside.

Before we share the details with you, it would be remiss of us not to mention Poo-Pouri. It is a pre-toilet spray that you use before you poop! It traps the smells in a barrier of essential oils.

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This infographic from Daily Infographic tells you what your Pee has to say about your general health.  The 3 key things to look for are frequency, form and color. You can use the above chart as an excellent cheat sheet. Once you have an understanding of the color you should be looking for, you can monitor your progress.

If you find that your poop is soft, liquidy or too frequent, there are several things you could do to firm up your stool. Eating more foods from the BRAT diet like Bananas, Rice, Apples or Apple Sauce, Toast or Tea. Be sure to consult your Doctor if problems persist. Check out our additional post that shows you the Bristol Stool Chart for more information here.

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