10 Ways To Reduce Stress Fast

Today we share 10 easy ways that you can reduce your stress and anxiety. We include habits and foods and so much more.

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In these increasingly overwhelming times, many of us are living in a permanent cycle of fear and uncertainty. Today we are sharing with you 10 ways to reduce stress and anxiety quickly and easily.

It is said that we humans have on average about 70,000 thoughts a day. That’s a lot of information and images floating around in our heads. Being permanently attached to devices and technology is also a big contributor to our stressed-out state. That’s why a regular digital detox is so beneficial.

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10 Ways To Reduce Stress Infographic

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When it comes to reducing your stress levels, the first thing you should do is reduce your exposure to stimulants.

This includes caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol which is a known depressant.

Try switching to green tea. Bananas are also big mood enhancers so try upping your intake.

There are also certain foods that affect your mood negatively. They should be avoided at all costs. Try swapping out a meal with a healthy green smoothie or increasing your fruit and vegetable intake.

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9 Foods That Reduce Stress

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While we’re on the subject of food, meat should be greatly reduced, if not eliminated from your diet.

The main reason is that when you eat meat, you ingest the fear and emotions of the animals. This is a huge contributor to anxiety, but one that is not widely acknowledged.

Exercise is a great way of reducing your cortisol and adrenaline hormones so be sure to factor in some each day.

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Stress-Busting Healthy Habits

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Sleep is hugely important. It’s the time when your body and mind wind down and also heals. We highly recommend you purchase a grounding/earthing mat.

The earlier you go to bed, the better. Do not sit around and watch mindless tv. You are better off reading or meditating. You can also practice breathing exercises while you are resting.

Journaling is also hugely beneficial. You can record your moods and foods and also record all the things that you have to be grateful about.

Sometimes when we are in our darker hours, it is easy to overlook the many things that we have to be thankful for.

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How To Banish Stress

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If you don’t chew gum, it might be time to start. Studies have shown that those that do, have lower stress levels.

Candles and aromatherapy oils combined with a relaxing bath can work wonders also. You also need to make more ‘me’ time and learn to say no.

Being a people pleaser can have a hugely detrimental effect on your mental health and stress levels so be discerning with the invitations that you accept and don’t overbook yourself.

If all else fails, stay chatty! Talk to friends or even see a therapist. Don’t bottle up your emotions. This can lead to disease and elevate your stress and anxiety. A stress and anxiety bracelet is something else you might like to consider.

10 Tips To Help Reduce Stress

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Dani from Clean and Delicious has some excellent ways that you can reduce your stress and anxiety. She is speaking from experience and sharing what has worked for her. We highly recommend that you take some time to hear what she has to say. We know you will hugely benefit. To listen to Dani, click Play above ^

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