52 Random Acts Of Kindness You Will Love To Do

Glen Campbell sung a song that said ‘you’ve got to try a little kindness’ – today we have 52 ways that you can get in on the act and live a better live in the process.

It’s that time of the year again, we are all in holiday mode. We spend big on amazing food and gifts.

Did you realize, however, that this can be a very difficult time for many? It’s the perfect time for some self-reflection. You can make a huge difference to people by engaging in random acts of kindness and today, we have 52 you can try.

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The best part, it doesn’t need to cost you anything but your time and consideration.

You can pay someone a compliment, text a friend to say you’re thinking of them, rake your neighbors leaves while doing your own, spend a morning at an animal shelter.

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The ideas are endless and the joy that will you will bring to others and yourself will outstrip any material possession.

We thought that we would share this infographic from positively smitten. It gives you some great ideas and inspiration on how by helping others, you also help yourself.

That’s why the gift of giving is the most magical of them all. Be sure to share with others and Pin for reference. Be sure to read our post that tells you how to beat Christmas Stress and also has 70 of the best stocking stuffers for under $5. Get the details here.

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