Age appropriate chore charts are the perfect place to start when it comes to giving kids their boundaries. You’ll love these awesome ideas and so will the kids. View now.

Age Appropriate Chore Charts For Kids

It’s never too early to teach the kids the importance of pulling their weight around the home. You are doing them absolutely no favors by not teaching them the necessary life skills.

The truth is, kids thrive when given responsibility and the best place to start is in the home environment. Never underestimate their ability. You may be surprised what they are capable of.

via Sunshine and Hurricanes

We have included a number of popular Pinterest age-appropriate chore charts that will give you some ideas. It’s important to realise that every child is different.

They all develop at different stages. The above chart from Sunshine and Hurricanes is very well rounded and includes simple ideas like teaching them to water plants and washing the car. Get yours here

via Bub Hub

Don’t compare your child to the age groups. Use them purely as a guide and then tailor up a program that is just right for your home like this chore chart from Bub Hub.

It is important to remember that kids love to push their boundaries and learn new things. Don’t underestimate them or hold them back. Get your chart here

Age Appropriate Chore Charts Video Tutorial

We have included a quick video that gives you some great ideas when it comes to age-appropriate chores from Good Morning Sacramento. We are sure you will find some great ideas. Click Play above to view ^

via Together With Family

Kids are limited by you, not themselves. They are never too young to be taught things and they will love learning new skills. This List from Together With Family has some big tasks mixed in with some easy ones.

Imagine how proud your kids will be when they know how to check the tires or do an oil change. This might seem a big deal to us but kids are very tuned in to learning. Get your chart here

via 100 Things To Do 

This Chore Chart from 100 Things To do introduces them to feeding pets, popping clothes in the hamper, putting books on bookshelves and for older kids, spraying down the Patio.

There are some great ideas that they have rounded up. Get your Chart Here

via Latitudes

There are lots of charts available for download and Free Printable Charts like the version above on the Latitudes Org Site. You can access them here

via The Trip Clip

Over on The Trip Clip Site, they have the facility to create your own Chore Charts for a small fee. It’s an excellent alternative and the above version is free to print. Get Your Charts Here

via The Flanders Family

Over on the Flanders Family Site, they get the kids involved in the kitchen too like scrambling eggs and baking cakes and bread. Introducing kids to cooking is a great reward and may grow into a loved hobby or even a career in the future. It’s also a chance to bond. Get your chart here

via Living Well Spending Less

Living Well, Spending Less has got lots of fabulous ideas in the Chore Department including Popsicle Sticks, Charts and more. You will find lots of inspiration and you can Print your charts out too. Check them all out here

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