How Alcohol Wrecks Your Body

More people are on the brink of giving up the drink! The effects alcohol has on your body and brain can no longer be ignored!

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If your health is a priority, knowing what alcohol does to your body should be of huge interest to you. It’s no surprise that alcohol is on the decrease in the younger, health-conscious section of the community. It is alarming that it’s on the increase in the 50+ age group.

The truth is there is no safe level when it comes to alcohol. It is toxic and chemically charged and has some diabolical consequences when abused.

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How Alcohol Affects Your Body

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To begin with, let’s look at how alcohol affects your body. As you can see from the infographic above, very little escapes the wrath of alcohol. You increase your risk of breast cancer and as a depressant, it has adverse effects on your brain and your mood.

Your liver is at huge risk, as is your heart. It affects the pancreas and also is responsible for the spare tire so many carry around their stomach. It also hugely affects male and female reproduction. It is also full of sugar and contributes to weight gain and diabetes.

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Your Body On Alcohol

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Your brain and nervous system also don’t escape. It can affect your memory and produce a delayed reaction time not usually present.

Alcohol can slur your speech and give you poor impulse control. Your metabolism is also negatively affected and it contributes to high blood pressure too. Your digestive system also takes a hammering which can result in all sorts of degenerative conditions and it is the worst thing you can do for your mental health.

Another effect of drinking is that you have hollow legs the next day. You are continually hungry and crave fat-filled carbohydrates and junk food.

It is not compatible with your digestive system, can cause tooth decay, and slows your metabolism to a slug.

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What Happens When You Cut Out Alcohol

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Giving your body regular stints without alcohol is essential. It will do wonders for your health and will lower your exposure to the aforementioned conditions.

The infographic above shows what happened to a small group of participants who gave up alcohol for 5 short weeks. They noticed big drops in their glucose levels, liver fat, weight, and cholesterol. Alcohol also depletes your body of vital nutrients including magnesium.

You should also schedule alcohol-free days each week and avoid sugar-laden pre-mixes. Try and water down your wine with soda water and drink some water between drinks.

How Alcohol Affects Your Body Video

via Dr. Sam Robbins

Dr. Robbins is here to share the truth about alcohol and why it is killing our body and brain. He explains things in a refreshing, no-nonsense way that is easy to understand.

He also shares ways that you can reverse the damage. This video is a must-watch. Click Play above now ^


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