Best Lipstick Colours For Grey Hair

Learn the tips and tricks to selecting the perfect shade of lipstick that complements your grey hair. Today we show you how.

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As we progress in years, many things about our appearance alter. Our eyebrows and lashes become nonexistent and our complexion loses its elasticity and colour. Today we are sharing with you the best lipstick colours for grey hair and this will be a game changer for you.

Many of us are still wearing shades more suited to our previous colour. As our hair silvers off, we need to reconsider the tones that we are using, otherwise, we can end up a pasty mess!

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Apply Lipstick So It Lasts

via Dermastore

Before we share the 15 best colours that you should be adding to your make-up bag, we thought you might find this infographic helpful. It shows you how to apply lipstick so that it lasts. Just like perfume, you want it to go the distance.

Start by exfoliating your lips. You can use a scrub or even your toothbrush, just be gentle! Next, you need to hydrate. A lip balm with sunscreen is best for this step.

Priming your lips is also a must and gives your lipstick something to adhere to. Lining your lips will give you a professional finish and also allows you the opportunity to make them bigger if they are thin.

Once you apply your lipstick, blot off excess with a tissue. You should then apply a light dusting of setting powder.


Best Lipstick Colours For Grey Hair Video

via Erica Johnstone 

Today’s video shares 15 fabulous lipstick shades that are perfect for grey hair. These suggestions are from the drug store, so are a very good price point. Press play above now to see Erica in action ^


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