If you drink bottled water, this post will be of huge interest. We are sharing PH test results of 28 top brands of Bottled Water and the results are absolutely astounding.

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We all know how important it is to keep our water consumption up. Given 2/3 of our body is water, we need to replenish. Recently we shared the dangers of drinking water from plastic bottles and also the levels of Fluoride that are in popular brands.

Today we share 28 Bottled Water PH results. The reason this is important is that disease thrives in an acidic environment. If you are topping your body up with acidic water, you are at risk.

Before we share the results, we thought you would appreciate this infographic from Rainstorm. It shows you the importance of drinking water and the symptoms of being dehydrated which include dark urine, hunger and fatigue.

Water assists with digestion, constipation and it’s a natural remedy for headaches and it is a huge aid when it comes to losing weight. The benefits are indeed numerous.

Bottled Water PH Test Results Video

Chris Moss is the CEO of Basic Water. This is an unbiased test that he conducts on camera of 28 different brands that are readily available and the biggest sellers across the world.

He begins by showing the color of tap water in New York which comes up a nice green shade showing that it is Alkaline. This sits at around 7 on the scale which is in the ideal zone. Anything that shows up red or yellow is in the danger zone. We are sure that once you have viewed the video to see your brands results you can make changes if necessary. Click Play above to view now ^

Take a Pee Test now and see how acidic your body is here

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