5 Superfoods That Boost Your Brain Health

Learn the secrets to having a healthy brain and see the difference it makes. These tips will change the way you think!

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A decent daily workout is a must for many of us and a 30-minute brisk walk can have a hugely positive effect on us. Sadly, when it comes to our brain, we don’t seem to put in the same level of effort.

Given that most adverse health and emotional conditions begin in our brain, it makes sense to treat it with kindness and respect that it deserves. The good news is that a healthy brain is available to all of us.

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Roadmap To A Healthy Brain

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There are certain disciplines we should follow to get the best from our brains. Adequate sleep, hydration, and regular exercise are a great start.

As pointed out in the infographic above, you need to use it or lose it. By staying curious and involved in what you are doing, you give your brain a much-needed workout. In turn, your brain rewards you by regenerating new brain cells.

Your brain is a powerhouse and it loves to show off and push the boundaries. When you tap into your brain’s superpowers you will realize what a genius you truly are.

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More Ways To Ensure Brain Health

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Manage Stress. You can’t entirely rid your life of stressors, but learning how to cope with them in a more positive way can help you stress less, which benefits your brain. Stress actually alters your brain cells and function.

Eating Well. A well-balanced diet is a really important part of good brain health. You should also include brain-rich foods on your shopping list like walnuts and blueberries which are known for their powerful properties.

Getting Enough Sleep. A good night’s rest is imperative for your brain to function. Be sure that you set your room up so that it is your own personal sleep cave. You might even like to alter the color or layout and Feng Shui it.

Keep Up WIth Friends. Regularly meeting with your friends and family members can help your brain stay young, even as your body ages. Laughing and having a good time with others help the social part of your brain blossom too, leading to a more positive outlook.

Exercise. You know regular exercise is good for your body, but it also highly benefits your brain too. Exercising increases blood flow to the brain and boosts levels of brain-protective chemicals. This may even help prevent dementia.

Learning. No matter where you find yourself in life, keep learning. Even if it’s just a new song, a new recipe, or how to use your left hand to brush your teeth! It is vital that you stay active.

A Rubiks Cube or good old-fashioned crossword will work wonders too. Research has shown that keeping your brain active in this way can help prevent dementia, and give your memory a big boost.

Meditation. One of the best ways that you can keep your brain in mint condition is to meditate daily. Meditation slows your thoughts and clears your mind. It also regenerates brain cells and we can all do with more of those! Yoga is another excellent exercise that is hugely beneficial.

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Amazing Brain Facts

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This infographic shows some incredible ways our brains work. Did you know that people’s IQs, in general, have dropped on average 13 points since the Victorian Era? You may also be interested to know that size doesn’t matter!

Einstein’s Brain was only 1.2 kilo’s which is reportedly 10% smaller than the average. You might also be interested to know that you have a second brain in your Gut.

Everything that manifests in your body and mind, begins in your gut. This results in a myriad of diseases. It’s vital that you focus on a healthy gut.

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How Video Games Affect The Brain

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This infographic sheds some light on a hotly debated topic – how video games affect the human brain. The good news is that there can be positives to playing games.

The downside is that, like anything, overly partaking can have negative effects. Playing violent games, for example, can result in increased aggression and anxiousness.

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Violent content in games has been known to increase aggressive responses in real life.

Long-term, consistent gaming can lead to attention problems, obesity, and a drop in academic performance.

Players who frequently game can develop ‘game brain’, in which their frontal lobe becomes underused. This can alter moods and leave users feeling unmotivated.

Multiple studies have shown that people who frequently spend long hours in front of a screen aren’t doing themselves – or their brain any favors! Regular digital detoxes are not just recommended, they are essential for long-term mental and physical well-being.

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5 Of The Best Brain Foods

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This infographic outlines 5 of the best brainfoods. Oily Fish tops the chart as it is full of Omega 3. This is a fatty acid that your brain thrives on. It is also an essential element for the regeneration of brain tissue. If you want to maintain and increase levels, add more to your diet.

As mentioned earlier, Blueberries have been shown to guard against short-term memory loss due to their exceptional anti-oxidant properties.

By adding them to your diet you can improve your coordination and balance. Pumpkin Seeds, Avocado, and Chocolates round out the list.

How Food Affects Your Healthy Brain Video

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Food plays a huge part in your Brain Health. That being said, now is a good time to look at the foods that promote good brain health and also activities and technologies that are adverse.

In this informative video, Nia Nacamulli speaks about what your brain is made up of and how the foods you eat affect it. He also reveals the foods that can harm your brain over time when consumed regularly. Click Play above to watch now ^

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