What Your Cat Wants You To Know

Cat behavior is many and varied and if you would like to know what your favorite feline furbabys moves mean, this post will help you decode their behavior.

If you are a Cat Owner, you will love learning how to understand your cats behavior. When you know how they feel, you can recognize when they are anxious or worried and also when they are ready for cuddles, kisses and food!

You will be able to enjoy a much better relationship with your furbaby when you know how to decode their behavior and you won’t believe what some of their moves mean.

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Facts About Cats You May Not Know

We thought we would start with some random Cat facts from The Oatmeal that you may not be aware of.

There were certainly a few that were new to us! Did you know that your cats use their whiskers to assess whether they can get through an opening?  Did you know your cat can run at 30 miles per hour? Your Cats ears can detect ultrasonic noises too which is how rodents communicate. Your Cat also purrs continually.

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You may also be interested to know that they can see in the dark and they have ultrasonic hearing. This is the way rodents communicate. Something else that may interest you is that if your cat gets lost, leave their kitty litter out the front on the porch. They will be able to smell from a mile away and find their way home.

Cat Behavior Explained

The infographic above from RSPCA shows the way you cat may sit and react in various moods.

A happy cat will be relaxed with its tail up and ears in a natural position. The tip of the tail may be slightly curved and the cats mouth will be closed. If your cat is stretched out and lying down, this is another sign of contentment.

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In contrast if your cat is hiding or sitting in a crouched position and exhibiting tenseness, this is a classic sign of a worried cat. Their pupils will be dilated also.

When your cat lies down and flattens their body they may be exhibiting signs of anger or unhappiness. This is a very handy chart, be sure that you pin.

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Cats convey a whole range of emotions through their tails too. When they are overjoyed their tail will be straight up in the air.

When they are in a friendly mood it will have a slight curve and when they are swishing it from side to side they are agitated and annoyed. If they are angry it will bristle.

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Cats love to interact with humans and they show their affection in all sorts of ways. When a cat rubs up against you, he is marking his territory and saying that you are his property.

If your cat tries to eat your hair, he is cleaning you and it’s another sign of love and affection. When your cat licks you, it’s another sign that you are trusted and part of the family.

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When they are scared, they will tuck their tail under their hind legs and when they are content, they will have their tail sitting out behind them. Their Ears, Eyes and Whiskers also are key indicators as you can see from the infographic above.

When your cat Meows, they are trying to communicate. When they blink slowly, they are showing that they trust you completely. Cats also swallow and digest their food without chewing.

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Cats can also suffer anxiety. Spraying (urinating), pacing and grooming their fur to the point that the fur rubs off are some of the common signs that your Cat may be stressed. They can also suffer from separation anxiety when you are not around.

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One of your cat’s favorite things is to be patted. The infographic above shows you where they love it most. Giving them a nice head massage is awesome and don’t forget to scratch behind the ears!

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Ever wondered how old your Cat is in human years? We have included a helpful infographic below that shows you from kitten to senior citizen. Your cat is considered in their prime in the 3-6 year range which is 28-40 in human years.

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