You May Be Amazed To Know How Old Your Cat Is

Are you one of many wondering how old is my cat in cat years? You are not alone. It’s a very popular search by all accounts …

We recently shared an article on Facebook about how to work out the age of your Dog and it was hugely popular. We were asked by all our feline loving friends if we could provide one for cats.

It seems many of us don’t know the exact age of our furbabies and what the human equivalent is and we’re sure you will be surprised.

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Popular Cat Breeds via Visualistan 

Before you learn the age of your cat in cat years, we thought we would share this very interesting Cat Breeds Infographic. It gives you some great information on some of the popular types, particularly when it comes to their personalities.

Some of the Breeds have developed naturally and some through selective breeding. Check the look and behavior of your cat and see which one resembles yours the most.

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How Old Is My Cat in Cat Years via I Cat Care

As you can see from the Cat Years Infographic above, if your pussy is fortunate enough to live until 21, they will be 100 years old in human years and should get a letter from the Queen! At the other end of the spectrum, a kitten at 6 months of age is a 10-year-old.

A Junior Cat is from 7 months until 2 years which is 12 to 24 human years. Your Cat is in its prime in the 3-6 age range which in human years is 28-40. A Mature Cat is 7-10 years which is 44-56 years.

Your Cat makes Senior status 11-14 which is 60-72 human years and a Geriatric Cat is 15 years plus. Find out your Dogs age here 

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