Do Chores Strip Kids Of Their Childhood? Have Your Say

This Mom is worried that introducing chores at too young an age will steal her kids childhood. Her Military In-laws think she is too soft and doing more harm than good!
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Dear WHOot

I have three children ranging from 2-6 years of age. I am my happiest being a Mom and to do everything around the home. I love looking after my family and truly believe that we should let kids be kids for as long as we possibly can.

We are a very active family and do lots together. I encourage them to go outside as much as possible and have lots of friends and neighbors over.

I believe that fresh air and play time is hugely important in their development and social skills which is a huge part of life.

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My Husband comes from a Military Family and they are very disciplined. The kids were made to get up early and be very self-sufficient. The whole family was assigned duties and chores. As a result, my husband is very structured and not impulsive at all.

We have to plan ahead for things as he can’t just go with the flow. This is very sad to me and it impacts us as a family. I think it has a lot to do with all the chores he did as a kid.

Now my Mother In Law is telling him that I am too soft with the kids and making them lazy. She says doing everything for them will stifle their development and ability to think for themselves. She says this will disadvantage them later.

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She says that other kids that have grown up with chores will end up getting the good jobs as they are more capable and will have more developed skills than our kids.

She says that we are doing them more harm than good and that kids actually want and need responsibility.

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Last week my Husband dropped into his Parents and she sent him home with some Magnetic Chore Charts which he put on our Fridge and said we should start using. He said that he feels the kids should be contributing to the household and that his Mother has a point.

I feel like she is interfering and that our children are way too young to be doing chores. They are kids, not housekeepers and vacuuming and doing dishes and cleaning toilets is something they simply should not have to do. I believe this will stress them out and cut into their free time.

Chore Chart via Etsy

I would like to know how others feel about chores and if they have them in their home. I also think that if the kids are going to be forced to do chores that they should be paid. My husband said this defeats the purpose and that pocket money is a separate issue.

I would love to hear what others thoughts are when it comes to Chores. Is it a good idea or are we taking advantage of our kids with unpaid labor?

I look forward to seeing what others have to say.

Thanks so much for your time, Susie

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