21 Brilliant Clothing Hacks To Try

You are going to be amazed and delighted by these incredibly clever Clothing Repair Hacks that are nothing short of genius! Watch the video now.

Every day we are presented with dilemmas when it comes to our clothes. Chewing gum on clothes, how to keep a backless dress up, popping buttons, fallen hems, running pantyhose to name a few.

Today we are sharing some clever hacks that are pure genius. Scroll our page to the end and Pin your favorites as you go.

21 Brilliant Clothing Hacks & Tips Video

We have included a video that shows you 21 brilliant hacks that you won’t want to miss. Click Play above to view now ^

Backless Dress Clothing Hack via Pinterest 

What a great idea this is! If you need to go backless but still need support in your bust area, just attach an old bra into the front of the dress for extra lift. What an excellent and very handy idea!

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Bra Hack via For Creative Juice

Here’s a cute way to refresh bras. Simply add appliques to them to create a pretty effect like this floral version above. It’s perfect when you want that peep through a blouse or jacket.

Clothing Hanging Hack via Listotic 

Need extra hanging space? Just add Soda Pop tabs to hold your hangers. This is brilliant and will free up so much closet clutter.

Use Ice To Remove Chewing Gum From Clothes via Listotic 

There’s nothing worse than getting chewing gum on your clothes. Now all you need to do is treat the area with ice to free it up.

Remove Deodorant with Baby Wipes via Positive Med 

Here’s another great idea, use Baby Wipes to remove deodorant marks from your clothes.

How To Keep Zipper Up  via Listotic

Do you have a zipper that won’t stay up? Just use a keyring!

Choosing Necklaces For Necklines via Fashion Daily 

This Necklace for Necklines Cheat Sheet will come in so handy. It shows you how to hit the mark every time.

Clothes Hacks Infographic via Alight

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