13 Angel Signs You Need To Know

They say when feathers appear, angels are near! Learn the meanings behind those feathers that keep dropping in to your pathway!
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what different color feathers mean

The universe communicates with us in many ways. From words on the side of a bus to an advert on your computer, there are hidden messages everywhere!

Today we are exploring what different color feathers mean. According to Melanie Beckler, this is a strong connection to the Angel realm. She says each colored feather has its own meaning and by paying attention, we can learn a lot about ourselves.

Melanie Beckler of Ask Angels 

Melanie says when feathers appear, angels are near! By understanding the colors and the meanings, we can gain valuable insights into our current circumstances.

Melanie has created an informative Infographic. It includes all the feather colors and what they mean.

what different color feathers mean

via Melanie Beckler

What Different Color Feathers Mean

via Melanie Beckler, Ask Angels

When it comes to feathers, white is the most likely color you will encounter in the early stages.

Once the angels have your attention and know that you are listening, they will change the colors.

White feathers are a reminder that we are loved and supported. It can also represent that your loved ones have successfully crossed over.

Black feathers are to remind us of the protection that our Angels are giving us. It is also a sign of spiritual wisdom.

Green feathers on the other hand represent abundance, well-being, and love.

If purple feathers start appearing, this is a sign of deep spirituality. You could also be experiencing your more psychic side.

Grey is the color of neutrality. It is telling us that the answer we seek is not strictly black or white.

Blue feathers represent calming energy. It is often a sign to step back, and listen more.

Orange is the color of creativity and intuition. It is a sign to listen to our inner voice. Red represents strength and courage, passion, and physical vitality.

Apart from feathers, there are 13 other ways that Angels try and communicate with us. Are you ready to find out what they are?

13 Signs Angels Are With You

via Melanie Beckler, Ask Angels.

Melanie is here to share her insights and we know that you will be very interested to hear what she has to say. She is most likable and extremely knowledgeable and you are guaranteed to learn a thing or two.  To hear Melanie, click Play above ^

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