Dog Anxiety Wraps DIY Video Tutorial

Keep your dog feeling secure when there’s thunder or fireworks outside with these dog anxiety wraps, they will love them and you will feel a whole lot better too.

If you have a dog, chances are your furry family member might get upset when there’s a lot of commotion outside.

While it might be impossible to completely avoid loud noises such as thunder during storms and fireworks in the holidays, there is a solution for making your pet feel more secure.

via Reed Animal Hospital

First things first, it’s important to know the signs of anxiety and what causes it. The Infographic above gives us a good indication.

Some of the reasons that can cause your Dog to be anxious are lack of socialization, previous bad experiences including abuse and neglect (this is particularly true of rescue dogs) and a change in their central nervous system.

They could also be feeling sick. Separation from you is their worst fear and this rates high on the anxiety scale.

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Dog Anxiety Wrap via Barkpost

The dog anxiety wrap is a very simple method that involves gently wrapping your dog in a scarf or loose band when you know they’re going to be nervous or worked up.

The method is simple and just requires a scarf or band long enough to fit your dog using the above method. Here is how it works.

Dog Anxiety Wrap via Barkpost

How To Use Dog Anxiety Wrap

Take the scarf or band and hold it in front of your dog’s chest. Wrap it Behind your pooch, crossing the two end at the shoulder blades. Be careful not to wrap it around their neck, which could make them more nervous.

Now, bring the two ends under your dog’s chest and cross them. Bring them up behind your dog’s back and tie the two ends snugly, but not too tight.

This snug band surrounding the dog will give them a grounded, secure feeling, sort of like a big hug that doesn’t stop. It will help them calm down and keep them from getting too nervous or scared.

Dog Anxiety Wrap Video Tutorial

This video shows you how to do the wrap step-by-step. As you can see, the woman tying the scarf in this video does so very slowly, so as not to make the dog more nervous.

This is a very important step to remember since you might be anxious to get the band around your dog if they’re already anxious and barking. Click Play above to view ^

ThunderShirt via Amazon

If you’re looking for a more permanent method for your dog, you purchase a specially made jacket that will have the same effect. These are especially suited to dogs who are nervous or have separation anxiety. It is perfect for longer periods. The scarf is more a temporary solution for fireworks and thunder.

The ThunderShirt is one of the most highly recommended wrap products for anxious dogs. It ranges in size from xx-small to xx-large to fit any size dog, ThunderShirt is also easy to put on, adjustable and resists pet hair. Get yours here

ThunderShirt via Amazon

According to the company, the ThunderShirt has over 80% success rate with anxious dogs. This includes things like thunder and fireworks, but also crowds, vet visits, and even dogs who may bark a lot at passersby outside their home. You can see or buy the Thunder Shirt here on Amazon.

Blissful Dog Spray via Etsy 

Here’s something else you might like to try. This Blissful Dog Spray can be used on your Dogs Bedding to give them a feeling of peace and well-being. It is made with Essential Oils and is definitely worth a try. It gets great reviews. Get yours here

K9 Comfort Dog Wrap via Etsy

You can also order a custom made k9 comfort shirt. You can choose from quite a few patterns and give your dogs measurements with your order. This wrap features a special closure that wraps around the chest, much like the scarf wrap. Get yours here


You could also make you own dog anxiety wrap if you’ve got an old pair of leggings you don’t mind parting with. This tutorial from shows you how to make this wrap shown above, using leggings, seam ripper and shears. What a great idea!

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