2 Ingredient Doll Hair Detangler That Works

If you have a house full of dolls, you are going to love this simple DIY Doll Detangler and yes, it really works! Watch the video now.
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Do you have a truckload of dolls that look worse for wear when it comes to their hair? If they look like they have been dragged backward through a bush, this DIY Doll Detangler is for you.

Now you can restore your Barbie Dolls and other favorites to their former glory with this very clever hack and just think of the money you will save!

This 2 Ingredient Recipe is so easy and boy will it come in handy. As we mentioned previously, you only need a couple of ingredients and the results are beyond amazing. Here’s what you are going to need -:

DIY Doll Detangler Ingredients

How To Repair Barbie Hair Video

We have included a video tutorial that shows you how to fix your Barbie Dolls Hair. A Tablespoon of Fabric Softener is used in the video.

There are some great tips to ensure that you get the best result and it is not advised to use this technique on an American Girl Doll though. Click Play above to view now ^

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