The Sweetest Easter Ideas To Try

Are you on the hunt for Easter Ideas on Pinterest? We’ve rounded up the best collection with all the top Pins you will totally love. Check them all out now!

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Easter is just around the corner and we have rounded up the best Easter Ideas on Pinterest. You will love these super cute projects that include recipes, crafts and diy ideas.

You will find links to the respective Bloggers Sites under the projects. You can then visit them for the instructions. Scroll our page for amazing inspiration and don’t forget to Pin your favorites.

Cadbury Creme Egg Easter Lamb

How to make a Cadbury Cream Egg even sweeter? With this adorable lamb decorating idea, of course!Using some different colored sugar pastes and icings, you can make these little guys up in a jiffy.

It’s really not as complicated as you might think either, and The Pink Whisk gives a great step-by-step photo tutorial that even newbies can follow along with. It’s as simple as rolling some dough and piping some frosting.

See How At The Pink Whisk

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How To Make Pastel Devilled Eggs

Devilled eggs are an Easter favorite anywhere, but these lovely pastel colored eggs add a touch of decor to your table too! You’ll be making these for every brunch and party you attend this year, and we guarantee you’ll get rave reviews all around!

All it takes to make these are some eggs, mayonnaise, and food coloring. You’ll be boiling and separating the cooked yolks from the whites as usual for devilled eggs. But then you’ll add the extra step of dipping the cooked whites in food coloring first for a marvelous result!

See How At Foodjimoto

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Lollipop Bunnies

These hoppy little lollipops are the perfect treat to make for a child’s class or a group gathering. You can use any type of spherical lollipop you’d like and add all sorts of cute little touches!

Debbie from One Little Project made these up using small styrofoam balls, some ribbon, googly eyes, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, and foam. Most of those supplies might already be lying around your house, and if not they can be picked up for cheap at the dollar store.

See How At One Little Project

Easter Pastel Mint Patties

Easter is all about bringing out the beautiful colors of Spring, and these pastel mint patties do that just perfectly! They can also be made in any flavor you’d like using your choice of candy flavoring, and they’re fun to mix up with different colors too.

You’ll be mixing up a simple dough with some powdered sugar, and flavoring them to your heart’s delight! You’ll then just need to color them and leave them out to dry for a day. Then you can share them and impress everyone with your lovely candy-making skills!

See How At Mom On Time Out

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Marshmallow Bunny Paws

These sweet little marshmallow bunny paws are a lot of fun to make and come out looking absolutely adorable! You’ll be melting regular marshmallows, coloring some pink, and piping them out into these shapes.

You’ll need to work quickly with the melted marshmallow before it gets too stiff, but blogger Beth gives some great tips on her page for making these up perfectly. They’re coated in sugar for extra sweetness too!

See How At Hungry Happenings

Easter Bunny Chocolate Ripple Cake

This sweet little “cake” is really some cookies in disguise! Using come cookies, frosting and a little caramel for added sweetness, you’ll be layering these ingredients into what looks like a log cake.

You can then top the cake off with some lovely Easter-themed decorations using candies, chocolates and of course, more caramel and chocolate!

Creator – Zamama Bakes

Bunny Fruit Platter

Here is a really simple way to bring some healthy fun to the Easter goodie table! Worth Pinning lays out step-by-step how to get that perfect looking fruity bunny.You could use any fruits you’d like of course!

You can make this dish even easier by using some pre-chopped fruit sold at your local grocery store in the prepared foods section. Then just lay it all out as she does in the post below.

See How At Worth Pinning

Bunny Hand And Footprint Art

Here is a really sweet way to make an Easter decoration and a beautiful memento too! Using your child’s footprints as bunny feet, ad their handprints as ears, you can make these sweet-looking rabbit.

It would make a lovely Easter gift for grandparents or other family members too, and could even be a fun class project for older children.

via Pinterest

How To Make Birds Nest Easter Cake

This clever cake is a delicious treat! Made using some clever piping tricks that aren’t too difficult to master, you can make this cake in any flavor you’d like. This blogger made a delicious carrot cake.

You’ll be baking three small round cakes and layering them on top of each other. You’ll then hollow out the middle and frost away! Of course, the mama bird decoration and candy eggs are the finishing touches that make this cake complete!

See How At The Vanilla Bean Baker

How To Make Bunny Butt Cupcakes

It looks like a little bunny is burrowing its way into these adorable cupcakes, but really they’re made with donut holes and marshmallows. You could make these super simple by buying store-made cupcakes and topping them with the decorations too.

There are some other great Easter themed dessert ideas on this page from Spend With Pennies too – check them out!

See How At Spend With Pennies

Mason Jar Easter Gifts

We absolutely adore these mini Easter jar gift ideas! Wouldn’t they be lovely to give out? Kids and adults would love them just as much too! You can pick up some nice mason jars, and fill them up with goodies, or use this great decor idea from Debbie at One Little Project.

She’s made a little scene in the jar using Easter basket grass, some candy eggs, a chocolate bunny and carrot candies too. It’s simple, inexpensive and fun as well! Plus we bet it will bring a smile to anyone’s face!

See How At One Little Project

Easter Marshmallow Bark

Chocolate bark is a yummy treat, but why not make it even better with some delicious marshmallow fluff! This Easter Marshmallow bark isn’t only scrumptious, it’s pretty too.

This recipe also only takes 3 ingredients! Marshmallows. white chocolate chips and some sprinkles to make it extra pretty. Of course, using colored marshmallows looks lovely, but plain white can work too!

See How At Butter With A Side Of Bread

Paper Plate Easter Basket

Need a quick and easy way to whip up an Easter basket? This great idea from Hip2Save shows you how using just a paper plate and some pipe cleaners! Not only is it great for an ‘Easter emergency’, but would make perfect little baskets for a class or group.

See How At Hip2Save

Bunny Bait Recipe

This delicious Bunny Bait might not bring about any rabbits, but it sure will be absolutely delicious to munch! You’ll be using popcorn, M&M’s, candy melts and sprinkles to make up this crunchy treat. A cute printable label is included with this recipe too to make it extra sweet!

See How At Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Treat Filled Easter Eggs

These yarn Easter eggs are almost as much fun to make as they are to give out! Fill them up with any goodies you’d like and they’ll be the perfect Easter gift! You’ll just need some yarn in nice, bright colors, balloons, and craft glue.

See How At Spend With Pennies


Easter Mini Cheesecakes

Who doesn’t love cheesecake! And it can be made even better and Easter-perfect using this recipe from Kraft. These Easter Mini Cheesecakes are simple to bake too using just a muffin tin!

See How At Kraft

How To Make Easter Egg Wreath

This Easter wreath from Country Is is an absolutely lovely way to adorn your door this spring! Using some plastic eggs, basket grass and a cardboard ring, you can get out your glue gun and go to town! Add a big bow for an extra special touch too.

See How At Country Is

Tie Dye Easter Eggs

If one-color Easter eggs are seeming a little boring, mix it up with this great idea from One Little Project! It doesn’t actually involve dipping, but instead dotting color and then spraying the eggs with a spray bottle. You’ll need gloves though – this one gets messy!

OSee How At Tne Little Project

Easter Bunny Coconut Butt Cake

What could be cuter than a fluffy little bunny tail? This cake idea from Betty Crocker comes pretty close! Using a round cake and some cupcakes for feet, you can easily whip this one up in no time. Top it with dyed coconut for “fluff” and you’ve got yourself a lovely Easter treat!

Creator – Betty Crocker

Easter Marbled Cupcakes

These beautiful marbled cupcakes are a great way to give someone a lovely Easter surprise! You’ll just need to mix up a cake batter with a few different food colorings, then pipe it into muffin cups. A really beautiful treat.

Creator – Two Sisters Crafting

How To Make Bunny Butt Cookies

Bunny Butt Cookies are a lot of fun to bring to a party and fun to make too! You’ll need to make some different-sized sugar cookies, frost them and top them with your treats. Using a pre-made cookie mix like Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough can make it easier too!

Creator – Pillsbury

Bunny Tail Cake Balls

Bunny Tail Balls look so charming all lined up on a  tray and are extra sweet to bite into! Using cake pop tops, you’ll add some quick decorations to make rabbit feet and a tail. You can then pop them into a muffin cup layered with green icing, making it look like a rabbit burrowing away into the ground.

See How At Rose Bakes

Reece’s Peanut Butter Eggs

Are you a big fa or Reese Peanut Butter Cups? Then you’re going to adore these peanut butter egg treats made using your own delicious homemade mix! These are sure to be a hit!

See How At OMG Chocolate Desserts

How To Make Bunny Pancakes

Creator – I Heart Nap Time

Peeps Easter Garden Cake

Creator – Betty Crocker

Tree Stump Bunny Butt Cake

Creator – Tracey Lau

How To Make Bunny Butt Kit Kat Cake

Creator – The Sweatman Family Blogspot

How To Make Paper Bag Bunnies

Creator – Clear and Simple Stamps Online

How To Make Reeces Bunny Cupcakes

Creator – Hungry Happenings

How To Make Minion Dyed Easter Eggs

Creator – A Pumpkin & A Princess

How To Make Star Wars Eggs

Creator – Frugal Fun 4 Boys

How To Make Nutter But Easter Chicks

Creator Sweet Simple Stuff

Easter Bunny Footprint Art

Creator via Keeper of The Cheerios

Footprint Bunny Photo Art

via Wowstyle

Cadbury Creme Egg Easter Lamb

Creator – The Pink Whisk

Paper Plate Easter Basket

Creator – Small Steps Online Uk

Easter Egg Dyes

Creator – McCormick 

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