Facebook Privacy Settings To Change

Is your personal data at risk? Today we share with you the latest tips and tricks to ensure you are kept safe online. Don’t miss this great information and share with your friends.

With over 3 Billion active users a month on Facebook, it is astonishing to discover that tens of millions of Facebook Users have never touched their privacy settings.

Are you one of them? Today we are sharing some helpful tips and tricks that will assist you to alter basic settings to ensure that you remain safe online over time.

This Infographic from Marketo is a great place to start. Did you know that 91% of potential employers admit to screening potential employees by using Social Media Networks.

The Open Graph method that is used by Facebook means that anything and everything is in circulation if your privacy settings are left untouched. As shown in the infographic which is years old now, but still relevant, every time your photos are tagged, it again drops into the public arena.

From check ins, to embarrassing images of you, it can also alert people you don’t know that you are away from your home.

Many are not aware that what you post can be seen by those outside of your friends network. This occurs if your privacy is not set correctly. You can search someone’s name and then add the word ‘posts’ and see all their history and every comment they have made.

This helps others create a profile on you. It is like leaving clues about who you are, and what you like, everywhere. Others can use this information to their advantage. We also recommend that you take on board these 5 tips from Arvig when it comes to passwords and logins. Every time you make a comment, you are increasing your digital footprint.

How To Check Your Facebook Privacy Settings

We are including this in depth video that will step you through the important things that you need to lock down on Facebook. We highly recommend that you view as it will no doubt give you a lot more control over what is shared and known about you. Click Play above to watch now ^

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