Your Favorite Colors Hidden Meaning

Color affects us in so many ways. It’s a reflection of who we are. What does your favorite color say about you? Find out now.

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Today we’re sharing what your favorite color says about you. Most of us have a color that they are drawn to above all others.

We often reflect these colors in our clothes, car, or even in our home decor. There is nothing random about this choice, in fact, it can give valuable insights into your personality.

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What Do Different Colors Mean?

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As you can see from the infographic above, color has many meanings. Black, not surprisingly is connected to power and control whereas pink is more about seeking unconditional love.

Brown is an earth color and indicates that you are a good friend and like a simple life. It’s interesting to note that 40% of people worldwide say that their favorite color is blue. It also represents conservatism, the ocean, and calmness.

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What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

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The above infographic shows you the individual meanings of color. Did you know that the color purple represents royalty, romance, creativity, and harmony?

White signifies purity, innocence, freshness, and youth and often features prominently in weddings and christenings. Grey is cool, conservative, and sophisticated. It is an understated and elegant color. If you favor this color, being hard-working and reliable are likely to be your character traits.

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Kids And Color

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We were also interested to find out the science behind the colors, particularly if you are raising a child. Color Code has some exceptional information on their site and we were amazed at what we learned.

This infographic shows you the best way to approach your child. It helps you understand both their limitations and strengths. No doubt, it will come in very handy. As you can see from our post, color has a big impact on all of us!

Color Personality Test Video

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We have included a video that will give you some additional information and also a color test. Be sure to see what secrets are revealed. We are sure you will learn a thing or two! To see the video, press play above now ^

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