How To Lose Weight Without Even Trying

Never count calories again. The Hand Size Portion Control Method is your new secret weapon when it comes to weight loss and you are going to love it as much as we do!

Do you have portion distortion? It’s a common issue especially given that everything we purchase seems to have been super sized. As a result our natural frame is blowing out.

Today we are sharing with you the Hand Size Portion Control Method and it’s easy to follow and you won’t believe the difference that it will make. When you can keep your plate under control, your weight follows! The truth is we all eat way too much.

Precision Nutrition has created this excellent infographic that shows you how to use the Portion Control Hand Method to your advantage and all you need are your hands!

Now wherever you are, you can do a quick assessment of how much you should be eating. As you can see, it is all about building your plate appropriately. It is also a 2:1 ratio for men and women.

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via Good Housekeeping UK 

They suggest a palm portion of protein, a fist of vegetables, 1 cupped hand serving of carbs and 1 thumb serving of fats.

The hands have it and they really are the perfect measuring tool. You will be amazed at how easy it is and no counting calories!

Hand Size Portion Control Video Tutorial

Glamrs have made this excellent video tutorial that has some simple tips and everyday hacks you can use to drop the pounds.

Apart from demonstrating how to use your hands to measure your ingredients, they suggest things like making some pre-packed baggies that are filled with healthy nuts and seeds so you have snacks on the go, when the hunger pangs strike.

We have an article filled with more great infographics you should view including what 100 calories looks like and many other useful tips too. Be sure to view after the video. Click Play above ^

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