The Most Powerful Herbs For Healing Yourself

You will be amazed to learn about the healing benefits contained in your favorite herbs. Find out what they are now.

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Growing herbs in your garden or window sill are like having nature’s medicine chest at your disposal. Today we are sharing with you the most powerful herbs for healing and you are guaranteed to be surprised.

Everything that you ingest has a direct effect on your wellness and the old adage that food is medicine has never been truer. Most of us are unaware that even those pesky weeds in our gardens contain magical healing properties.

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Most Powerful Herbs The Heal

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We are including an excellent video at the end of our post from Dr. Josh Axe. He specifically touches on the most powerful herbs for men and women. He covers thyroid and anxiety issues as well as many other topics.

Herbs have hugely positive effects when it comes to your immune and nervous systems too. They can also greatly benefit those suffering from anxiety. Herbs also have regenerative and detoxifying properties. You can add herbs to recipes or enjoy fresh from your garden.

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10 Herbs With Health Benefits

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As you can see from the above chart, there are many health benefits to be found in herbs. Did you know for example that curry powder can blunt the pain in achy joints as effectively as prescribed medication?

If you suffer from dreaded menstrual cramps, simply take 2 fresh teaspoons of Oregano each day of your cycle for relief.

Another herb with amazing properties is parsley. Did you know that it is excellent for bloating and water retention and is a natural diuretic?


Healing Properties Of Herbs

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If you are feeling down, you need some Basil in your life! It boosts the production of serotonin and dopamine which will also assist you to sleep better and feel brighter.

The addition of Cilantro to your diet will also result in extra energy. It binds itself to the heavy metals in your blood and carries it out of the body.

Turmeric is also extremely powerful and you can enjoy it in Tea or you might like to try our Golden Milk recipe.


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Medicinal Plants You Can Grow

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Milk Thistle is a great one to add to your garden. If you have cholesterol issues or high blood sugar levels, this is the plant for you. It also aids your liver function.

Echinacea is also known to assist with ADHD, Chronic Fatigue and provide relief from acid indigestion.  St Johns Wort is also known to be a natural antidepressant and greatly improves mood and sleep.

Top 20 Healing Herbs

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We are including this video from Dr. Axe and to say we learned something is an understatement. If you are health conscious, you cannot afford to miss his life-changing information. Press play above ^

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