Don’t get caught short, baking and blistering your beach days away. Our post shows you all the best ways to treat sunburn at home. These home remedies really work!

The pain of sunburn can last for days. It is impossible to sleep and like a microwave, you continue to cook for hours after. It is suggested that it takes 3-5 hours to show up but continues to develop for a further 12-24 hours after.

If you want to avoid looking like a lobster, these tips and tricks that we have rounded up, will be a savior when it comes to those blistering beach days, that can take a toll on your skin.

Wonder How To have rounded up 9 common household items that can be used for sunburn remedies. Who would have thought that you could use milk? It is very soothing and contains lactic acid which is highly beneficial.

Brewing Teabags and cooling them is another popular option as is cucumber slices for the eyes. Yogurt, Mayo and Baking Soda used with wet gauzes also is said to work. Baby Wipes also have properties said to reduce inflammation.

Wiki How have come up with an easy, inexpensive and highly effective way to treat sunburn and that is using Aloe Vera.

They have turned them into soothing Ice Blocks and you will find that this works a treat. Another thing you may not be aware of is that cucumber also calms inflammation when rubbed over your face and other affected areas.

We have used this remedy with success. It works quickly too.

via Cindie Allen-Stewart Facebook

Cindie Allen-Stewart had a big surprise when she recently shared her go-to home remedy for sunburn with her facebook friends. It went viral! This proves just how many people are being affected by this common complaint. Here’s what she said.

“I recently told a friend about a sunburn treatment that works wonders and she told me she had never heard about it. I thought I’d make a post because I was sunburned recently.”

There’s no “trick,” and it takes one product you may already have hanging out in your bathroom cabinet. It is Foamy Menthol Shaving Cream.

She says this unusual remedy works in a few hours and she almost never peels. She also explains that it is better to have someone rub it in on your back as it is very cold. She lets it soak for around 30 minutes and then washes off with lukewarm water. If the burn is still there the next day, she repeats.

When experts were asked about the treatment, Dr. Ross Radusky told Inside Edition that it’s a good moisturizer given that it has a substantial amount of coconut oil and coconut butter. It is this combined with the glycerin that helps repair the damaged skin.

Best Sunburn Remedies Video

We have included a video tutorial from a Dermatologist who has some great advice about how to treat sunburn the most effectively. We highly recommend you view the short video. Click Play above ^

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