How Old Is Your Dog In Human Years? Find

‘How old is my dog in human years’ is one of the most searched questions. You may be surprised, it’s not what you think. Check out our post now and view the other info too.

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If you’ve been asking yourself the question ‘how old is my dog in human years’, you are not alone. It’s a commonly-searched term.

In fact, the reason behind this post is that we found ourselves doing the same thing! We were under the impression that seven Dog years equaled one human year. This is not the case.

info via She Knows

15 Surprising Facts About Dogs

via She Knows

We were surprised to find out this is not the case. Before we share the information, we thought you’d find this infographic of interest.

It includes 15 interesting facts about dogs that you are likely not to know. For example, not all dogs can swim. Basset Hounds can’t. Dogs also have the intelligence of a 2-year-old child and can understand 250 words and phrases. They can also predict weather and even illness in their owners.

infographic via Web MD

How Old Is My Dog In Human Years?

via Web MD

We were really surprised to find out that Dogs mature faster than us humans and that they are close to 15 in their first year.

Age is very dependant on the size and breed of the dogs. Larger Dogs have traditionally shorter lives than their smaller counterparts. They mature at different stages.

As you can see from the chart, the calculations are different for small, medium, and large dogs. If we look at the chart, the first 5 years are the same for all dogs but from the 6th year, that is when you see the differences appear. This is why larger dogs have shorter lives.

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