Fall In Love All Over Again With These Awesome Tips

We all have trials and tribulations particularly in our closest relationships. Don’t despair, there are a number of ways you can get back on track when you know how.

how to fix your relationship

If you feel like you are stuck in an emotional rut, today you will learn how to fix your relationship when it’s falling apart.

With divorce rates at a record high, it seems we are all looking for the magic pill when it comes to our relationships. Medication is rarely the answer, communication however, is.

how to fix your relationship

This infographic from Barends Psychology Practice is a great place to start. They open by reassuring us that a good relationship is not about the absence of arguments.

It is more to do about the way you deal with them. Helping with chores, finances and trust issues all play a part.

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fix your relationship

This is great news. Many people feel like they are a failure when embroiled in conflict with their partner. You may feel like you are not heard, misunderstood, even downright sabotaged.

Whether this is the intention of your partner or not, it is still your reality. This infographic from Motherly has some great tips including not taking on each others emotions and particularly, not one upping. This is a very negative practice.

Today we are sharing this excellent video from Tony Robbins. It shows you how to repair estrangement and the emotional blocks that stand in the way of your relationship. You will actually see Tony deal with a couple that attended one of his seminars.

Jen and Paul are stuck in a rut. They have been married for 9 years. Paul is in love with his wife. It’s an excellent way to gain some perspective into your own relationship. We highly recommend that you view. Click Play above now ^

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