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Hemming Jeans Keeping Original Hem Video

You will be excited to learn this clever hack that uses your original Jeans Hem. You’re going to love the Professional results …

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans that need taking up? The last thing you want to do is sacrifice the original hemming and ruin the look. We were very excited to find the clever clothing hack.

Today you will learn how to hem your Jeans easily using their original Hem! You won’t need to throw out your favorite jeans and you’ll get years more use out of them. This tip is so handy!

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hem jeans via Walmart

How To Hem Jeans Using Original Hem

Step 1: Measure how much you need to shorten on your desired pant length. Try on your jeans in front of a full-length mirror or get someone to help you. Wear the shoes you plan to usually wear with your jeans to choose the best length. Fold up the cuffs until the bottom of the pant legs are each 1/2″ to 1″ above the ground and pin it in place. The ideal length depends on your preferences and the shoe type. After removing the jeans, measure the folded cuff to see how much you need to shorten. Remove the pins.

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Step 2: Divide the amount you need to shorten the pants by in half. Adjust the fold: measure from the folded edge to the beginning of the original hem and ensure the cuff height matches the halved measurement. If you had to shorten your pants by 4″ in total, you would measure 2″ from the folded edge to the beginning of the original hem (not the edge of the pant). Pin in place.

hem jeans via Walmart

Sewing The Hem -:

Step 3: Attach your zipper foot to your sewing machine (most machines come with one – check your machine’s manual for more information) and use thread that closely matches your pant colour. If you don’t have a zipper foot, use your machine’s standard foot. 

Step 4: Starting on the inside leg of your pant, stitch as close as possible to the edge of the original hem all the way around, removing the pins before they go under your presser foot. Be sure to backstitch at the start and end of the loop to secure your hem.

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hem jeans via Walmart

Sewing with denim -:

Step 5: Before sewing, ensure your side seams are pinned together to ensure they are lined up when you are finished sewing.

Tip: Sewing through thick layers of denim can be tricky. Using denim sewing machine needles, as opposed to all-purpose needles, will help this process. When you get close to the side seam, turn your hand wheel slowly to ensure the machine doesn’t get stuck, and backstitch before and after the seams.

The resulting stitch line -:

Step 6: You will be left with a line of stitching close to the edge of the original hem. Clip any hanging threads.

Step 7: Fold the flap into the pant leg.

Step 8: If you have a short flap (under 1 1/2″, for example), you can leave it as is.  If you have a longer flap, consider cutting the flap 5/8″ parallel to your stitched line to reduce bulk. Finish the raw edges to prevent fraying with a zig zag stitch, serger or a liquid seam sealant like Fray Check. Only cut the fabric if you do not need to lengthen the jeans in the future. Try on the pants before cutting to ensure jeans are the right length. Tip: Tack the flap in place at the side seams using a hand sewing needle and thread.

The finished hem -:

Step 9: Press the seam flat with your iron for a smooth finish.

Use a seam ripper in the future to open your stitch line should you need to lengthen the pants.

Hem Jeans Original Hem Video

We have found a Video from ‘Bella Jean Boutique’ that shows you how easy it is to hem jeans and keep the original hem. It runs for 2 minutes and is easy to follow. Click Play above to view ^
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