Is Your Fridge A Bacteria Trap? Find Out Now

Learn how to organize your fridge the correct way that ensures it will be bacteria free. Don’t miss this very helpful information.

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Learning how to organize your fridge with your health in mind is vitally important. Most are unaware that bacteria can spread simply due to the wrong foods being stored together.

Today we are sharing a helpful cheat sheet that will come in very handy. We have also included a video that has 20 excellent hacks. By learning how to keep your Fridge orderly, you will reduce stress and potential health risks. This information will definitely increase your well being.

Refrigerator Cheat Sheet

via Dr.Oz

This infographic from Dr. Oz has some great tips for getting your fridge in tip-top shape. Every section of the fridge has different amounts of cold air sent to it. For this reason, it’s important to follow the above guidelines. In doing so, you will ensure that your food will last longer and taste better too.

  • The Door The door is often the place where things get put in a hurry, but it’s important to note that it’s the place that gets cooled the least. Keeping items that aren’t going to be bothered by this temperature change here is always a good idea. Some examples? Butter, juice, cooking oil, condiments and soda can all safely be stored here.
  • Upper shelves These are the perfect place for jams, leftovers, peanut butter, yogurt and other small snacks. The idea is to be sure things are put into smaller packages since the top shelves tend to be warmer the higher up they are.
  • The Lower Shelves These shelves are great for all the items that go bad the quickest – meats, eggs. poultry and fish. Try to keep any dairy items you have near the back of your fridge here since they can easily curdle from temperature fluctuations.
  • Crisper Bins Those drawers on the bottom of your fridge are specifically made for produce. Many come with humidity controls that allow you to adjust the levels of moisture for different sorts of fruits and veggies. As a general rule, vegetables need more humidity while fruits need less humidity.

20 Ways To Organize Your Refrigerator Video

via Simple Home Art Decor

Today’s video shares 20 top tips for keeping your fridge in its best possible shape. You should be maximizing your space and minimizing contamination.

Hot Zones are a great idea. This is where you keep your highest rotation items. Shelves and door sections that are eye-level work best. We have found this to be very successful on a daily basis. To view the helpful advice, click Play above ^

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