Our bodies send subliminal messages. If you want to know what someone is really thinking, pay attention to their bodies more than their words. Watch the video now.

Imagine being able to read other people’s minds. Once you master the art of understanding body language, you will be surprised how you can interpret what their real message is.

You will be able to have the upper hand in conversations and ultimately read people like a book. You’ll know when to back off on a subject, and when to wind up your words, simply by recognizing certain body signals.

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How To Read Body Language

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A good way to tell if your conversation is going well is if the person you are engaging with mirrors your own body language. Be sure to pay careful attention to their movements while speaking with them.

If they suddenly fold their arms or raise an eyebrow, you are likely to have crossed a line. You may have said something that has touched a nerve or made them feel uncomfortable. If they cross their legs or sit facing away from you, these are signs of resistance also.

Body Language Non-Verbal Signs

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There are a number of key indicators when it comes to body language. Eyes, feet, hands and head movement are all signals to pay attention to.

Eyes: When communicating if people maintain eye contact, they are engaged. If they look away or avoid eye contact they may be distracted and bored. It’s a good time to ask them a question and re-engage them.

Mouth : If people are smiling genuinely, you have their attention. If on the other hand, they are covering their mouth, pay attention, they may be hiding something or worse still, lying.

Head Movement: If a person is nodding their head, they are agreeable paying attention. There’s a good chance they are viewing you favorably.

If on the other hand, they start moving their head rapidly, they may be losing patience with the conversation and trying to speed things up. At this point, it would be wise to finish up speaking and let them have their say.

Feet: Pay special attention to the feet and the direction that they point. If they are pointing towards you, this is a good indicator.

It likely means that they are comfortable and interested in what you are saying. If they are pointing away, it is a big sign they are on the move.

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Bad Body Language Habits To Break

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There are a number of negative signals you can project to others through your body language. Here are 9 of the most common.

Fidgeting when others are talking can make you appear distracted and disinterested.

Playing with your hair can indicate outright boredom and folding your arms is a defensive mood that shows that you are repelled by the conversation.

It also is putting a barrier between you and the other person and indicating that you’re not buying what they are selling!

This behavior is typical between customers and salespeople.

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27 Ways To Be Instantly More Likeable

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If you would like to make the best possible impression, there are certain things that you can do. Improving your body language is key. and here are 27 suggestions that you can immediately implement.

Remember to be respectful and keep a polite distance. Do not crowd the person you are interacting with.

Whilst our natural tendency is to talk about ourselves, the best way to keep the interest of the other party is to have equal participation. Remember, you have 2 ears and one mouth for a reason!

20 Psychological Body Language Tricks

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This video from Brightside has 20 psychological tricks that you can learn in minutes. They say that we get around 55% of the information is through nonverbal communication.

This includes facial expressions, gestures, and other body movements. By paying attention to the signals, you will be a better communicator. You will also have the upper hand in conversations. Click Play above now ^

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