21 Tips To Get The Best Sleep Ever

Get your best rest and sleep like a log every single night with these awesome Sleep Remedies that work! Be sure to try them out now and watch the insomnia video too.

Do you find it difficult to doze off? It could be due to a number of factors but the good news is that if you prepare to sleep like a baby, you really can.

It’s all in the preparation and ensuring that your environment is right and today we are sharing some top tips that guarantee to send you to the land of nod.

sleep remedies that work

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How Much Sleep Do You Need?

Before you get down to checking out different sleep remedies, it’s important to determine exactly how much sleep you need. According to the National Sleep Foundation(NSF), sleep needs vary greatly by individual.

In a study that took over 2 years to complete, the NSF revised general sleep time recommendations for different age categories, even adding a new category to the list. For adults, the results were as follows:
  • Younger adults (18-25): Sleep range is 7-9 hours (new age category)
  • Adults (26-64): Sleep range did not change and remains 7-9 hours
  • Older adults (65+): Sleep range is 7-8 hours (new age category)

These are just general recommendations, however. Your own sleep needs, as shown in the infographic above might vary. But these numbers are a good place to start to experiment and see how much sleep actually makes you feel well-rested.

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Now that we know how much sleep we need let’s check out these top tips from She Knows which will help you have the best sleep ever. Restricting alcohol and caffeine to earlier in the day is your first wise choice as is exercising daily.

Reading a book is a great way to bring on the sleep sheep too. A cooler bedroom will also help you to sleep soundly and they suggest that the optimal temperature be in the 60-67 degrees F which is around 20 degrees celcius.

Dr Axe has compiled a list of 20 ways to fall asleep fast. There are some great tips here including having a detox bath prior to bed, drinking chamomile tea and maintaining a regular bedtime routine.

It is important that you aim to get to bed at the same time every night. This will ensure that your body starts to wind down in preparation for rest.

This will make a huge amount of difference and we highly recommend you try it. Another thing that will interrupt your sleep is electronics in your bedroom. If you do have a TV you should put a blanket over it or remove it entirely.
Leave your phones, laptops, tablets and the like completely out of your bedroom. The frequency and the alerts are distracting and will affect your relaxation. Dr Axe has also prepared a video that has some great recommendations. Click Play above to view now ^

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If you’re looking for a natural solution for your sleep, then Etsy is full of wonderful pillows full of delicious scents and herbs that will assist you to relax. This featured version is from Feather’s and Fantasy’s Etsy Shop and it is full of crushed lavender and hops that the creator grows organically in her very own garden. You can see her range here


This lovely version from RootLoreGoods Etsy shop is full of Lavender, rose petals and chamomile. All of the ingredients are either grown by the store owner or bought from organic farms. You tuck them into your pillowcase and let the aroma engulf you. They make great gifts and stocking stuffers too. You can get yours here

via Etsy

This Eye Mask is filled with organic flax seeds and lavender and is very relaxing. It has been a popular seller on Etsy and it is inexpensive too. This will help to darken your environment, block out any distractions and bring on your sleep so much quicker. Get yours here

Something else that we highly recommend you try is this Aromatherapy Diffuser. It streams cold steam that is fragranced with essential oils and it has a number of gorgeous, relaxing colors. We love ours and we have found an inexpensive version that is less than half what we paid and comes with Essential Oils. You can get yours here

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