How To Stop Your Dogs Excessive Barking

Learn how to stop your Dog’s excessive barking with these clever tips. Watch the video too for a helpful demonstration.

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One of the top searches on Google is how to stop dog barking excessively. It seems many are challenged by their dog barking at birds, other dogs, visitors, and the like.

As dog lovers and owners, this is a subject close to our hearts. It is also one that we experience on a daily basis. Our dogs are rescues and view everything as a potential threat. They were also not socialized as puppies, which adds to the problem.

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How To Stop Dog Barking Excessively

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Your dog could be barking excessively for a number of reasons. It could be something as simple as boredom or an oversupply of energy to suffering from anxiety.

This is why Dogs often bark excessively when home alone. As pack animals, they are most comfortable when you are near. Lack of walks and exercise can also be detrimental.

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It can cause a build-up of energy that is expended through barking. It is therefore vital that your Dog is kept mentally and physically active.

Just like children, tiring them out is a great strategy. They will be more interested in relaxing in their cosy bed than barking!

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Your Dog’s Barking Decoded Infographic

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Just as our brain needs short and precise commands, so does your dog. Words such as lay down, paw, sit, stop, can distract him when he is barking. Be firm and keep your energy calm. It is also important that you know how to decode their bark.

Steady, rapid barking is a grab for your attention. There could be an intruder, or, they could feel forgotten by being locked away.

A single yelp, on the other hand, could be pain-related.

A rising bark is usually heard during playtimes when they are fetching a stick or ball.

They also become excited when you take them for a walk!

How To Stop Your Dog Barking Video Tutorial

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We have included this excellent Youtube Video from renowned Dog Trainer Zak George. He has fantastic tips and tricks that will assist you to calm your Dog.

There has been excellent feedback from those who have tried his ideas. Many have reported substantial improvement after implementing his suggestions. We highly recommend you view the video for the best results. To watch, click Play above ^

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