What Is Irritable Male Syndrome?

If you have a male in your life that is expressing regular outbursts of anger, they may be suffering Irritable Male Syndrome. Learn the symptoms and solutions now.
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Today we are delving into a sensitive topic that affects a huge amount of relationships. According to Dr. Jed Diamond, a best-selling author, and clinician, male menopause is real and extremely debilitating for all involved.

He has over 40 successful years in his gender-specific field. His latest book focuses entirely on IMS, otherwise known as irritable male syndrome. Men at all ages and stages of life are impacted in a number of different ways. Just as women experience menopause, the male version, andropause, is equally complicated.

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What Are The Causes Of Irritable Male Syndrome

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Dr. Jed says men, in general, are becoming angrier and more depressed by the day. Unfortunately, they are taking it out on those they love the most.

Sky-high stress, poor diet, too much meat, and dairy, energy drinks, caffeine, and alcohol are just some of the contributing factors. Compounding the problem is the natural decline of hormones and testosterone as men age.

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Signs Of Depression In Males

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This can cause a raft of additional problems including hair, muscle, and sex drive loss. Many may also suffer erectile dysfunction which can be particularly devastating to their ego-mind.

Depression is also a huge concern. Headaches, cramps, difficulty focusing, and forgetfulness are all common symptoms. Lacking interest in life and activities are red flags as is risky and irresponsible behavior.

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What Are Some Of The Symptoms?

Weight gain and man boobs are other physical symptoms. Gynecomastia has psychological effects including emotional and self-esteem issues. Dr. Jed also notes that many men are unsure of their roles in the present-day world. He says they are feeling increasingly displaced.

This adds a layer of anxiety and insecurity. Whilst women share their problems with friends, men tend to turn inward and bottle things up or become silent ragers.

Irritable Male Syndrome Video

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We have included this extremely informative video interview with Dr Jed Diamond. We highly recommend that you hear what he has to say. Once you have an understanding, be sure to visit his website and complete his quiz. To watch, press Play above ^

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