This Santa Letter Makes You Think Twice

All Parents at some time are faced with the ‘Is Santa Real’ question. We’ve found the ultimate explanation and you’ll love it.

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It’s the question that every parent dreads in the lead-up to Christmas. Today we are sharing the viral Is Santa Real Letter from Mom.

This thoughtfully compiled letter was put together after her son Ryan asked this very question. As we all know, it can be a very touchy subject. After much thought, she put pen to paper. The best part, you can use this template to create your own.

via Megan Jackson – Facebook

Social Worker Letter

via Megan Jackson, Facebook

Before we share the Mom letter, we thought you’d appreciate this letter from Megan Jackson that has gone viral.

This is quite a different way of looking at the entire Santa issue. She gives her own perspective and says that some kids feel that they are not worthy.

She says to take the credit for the gift. Many in our Community have also said they do this and leave the stockings to Santa. What a great idea.


is santa real letter

via First Smile App Tumbler

Is Santa Real Letter From Mom

via First Smile App Tumbler

We initially discovered the Is Santa Real Letter above letter on First Smile App Tumblr. As mentioned earlier, it is a great template that you can use to create your own letter. We thought it would be helpful for many of you.

It’s important to remember that Christmas is so much more than gift-giving. It’s a time to show kids that presence trumps presents! Family time is very precious, particularly in the formative years. It is your time and attention that children actually crave the most!

Personalized Santa Sack

via Serendipity Design, Etsy.

via Etsy

These personalized Santa Sacks are a must for Christmas Morning and they will make opening presents so much fun. You can then use them to fill with old toys and take them to the donation bins, or better still do it prior to Christmas. View here.

Santa North Pole License

via MyStore Ireland, Etsy.

Add a fun element to Christmas morning with Santa’s North Pole License.  Imagine the kid’s faces on Christmas morning when they find this ‘accidentally’ left behind by Santa! View Here.

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