How To Make Your Own Recipe Videos

We’ve all seen those fabulous Tasty and Buzzfeed cooking recipes, well today we show you how to make your own recipe videos at home. Find out how now.

How would you like to learn how to make recipe videos in the comfort of your home using your Iphone?

We have teamed up with Andy from ‘Learn How Group’ to show you how. We were keen to share this great information for the many budding makers and bakers in our community. You will be amazed at just how easy one is to make. You’ll love the results!

The best part about making your own recipe videos is that you need very basic equipment. As Andy explains in his youtube tutorial below, lighting is key. In order to achieve the best possible outcome, a light and bright backdrop is vital.

It also will make your ingredients and your recipe look far more attractive. Presentation is everything.

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You should also ensure that your hands have been exfoliated, your nails are manicured and painting them a complimentary color can also work wonders. It keeps the viewers eyes focussed.

You should also take the backdrop to your workspace into consideration. You can use a breadboard or a placemat.

Try and keep it clean and uncluttered. Watch it on the screen to see how it will look to the viewer. You want to keep them engaged without distracting them. A textured surface like below can bring your recipes to life. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

It’s a fine line. A good clean white light will work the best.

Andy recommends some Can Lights that are available online or from your local store. In the video they still get a great result using only the existing kitchen lighting.

What You Need To Make Recipe Videos

via  Learn How To Group 

How To Make Recipe Videos Youtube Tutorial

Andy is ready and waiting to show you all the tips and tricks including how to edit up your video. To watch, click Play above ^

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