DIY Miracle Cleaning Spray Is A Savior

People all over social media are going crazy for this miracle DIY Cleaner Spray. Once you the results, you’ll be a convert too.
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Today we’re sharing a Miracle Cleaning Spray with vinegar recipe that Moms and Professionals are raving about. The reviews have been glowing and to say you will be thrilled is an understatement!

Whilst Homemade Cleaners are nothing new, seeking the holy grail of all, is a constant pursuit for many. We’ve showcased a number of vinegar and baking soda recipes, but this one is the bees knees!

via nine

Cleaning Spray With Vinegar Results

via Nine

According to the users of this recipe, it is all about the quantities. It’s imperative that you are meticulous with your measurements. Those who have tried this recipe have had stellar results to say the least.

You only need to look at the toaster above for proof of its cleaning prowess! It went from crusty and rusty to brand spanking new.

It’s also much healthier and cheaper than anything from the store. Apparently, it works out to around $2 or less per liter to make.

This cleaner has been used on everything from cakey stovetop grease to stained couches. Just look at the results above. These photos were featured on Nine’s website.

This recipe is completely safe for families, the environment and even smells great. As mentioned earlier, this cleaner has even received rave reviews from professionals. One cleaning company said they’ve switched to using this recipe over a brand name cleaner.

Miracle DIY Cleaner Spray Ingredients

So now that we have your interest, let’s see what you need to make this cleaner.

DIY Miracle Cleaner Spray Instructions

  • Mix Washing Soda with 1 cup of boiling water to dissolve.
  • Add all remaining ingredients.
  • Pour into a 2-liter bottle.

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