Did you know that due to Planetary Shifts and the addition of a 13th Zodiac that all the dates have changed? Find out yours now.

Many have been giving NASA a hard time and mainly it’s due to the new star signs! Did you know that a 13th Constellation has been discovered known as Ophiucus?

The sign is represented by a man clutching a serpent. There are 2 good reasons for the change. It’s as a result of Earth’s orbit around the sun that traces a plane called the Ecliptic.

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13 Signs Of The Zodiac

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Over one year, the sun moves between the earth and 13 constellations. The one that the sun is in on your birthday determines your star sign.

According to Insider Tech, the ancient Babylonians only wanted 12 signs to match their calendar. They left off the 13th sign, Ophiuchus.

As you can imagine, adding it back into the charts has caused a fair degree of chaos! The biggest change comes from the earth itself. The earth wobbles on its axis taking 26 thousand years to complete a single rotation.

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The New Zodiac Signs According To NASA

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It’s been 3 thousand years since the Babylonians which means a big shift in the calendar dates matching each sign.

For example, If you were born on March 21st 3000 years ago you would be an Aries. Now you are a Pisces.

The good news is that Astrology isn’t an exact science which means you can read the horoscope that you are most comfortable with.

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Ophiucus Personality Traits

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We found an excellent article on Astrologion that outlines the personality traits of the 13th Zodiac Ophiucus.

According to their article, if this is your sign, you tend to stay calm under pressure and also enjoy good luck! You are also known to spread your knowledge and be extremely logical.

Whilst you are impulsive and have a good sense of humor, you can also be very self-opinionated. You can also have a tendency to be irresponsible and superficial but on the flip side you are ambitious and a high achiever.

If this is your new sign, you are in good company with Walt Disney, Mark Twain, Woody Allen, and Pope Francis all falling under this zodiac.

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