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We have one and you will love what it can do for you! This Machine is amazing and works with a fish motion that results in 10,000 steps in 15 minutes. You won't believe how refreshed you will feel. It's great for weight management, back pain, restless legs and is like a full body massage in your own home!
Is technology ruining your life? Whatever age, the damage you are doing is mind blowing .. literally! This post shows you how to do a regular digital detox and how your health will benefit. We also have a 30-day mental cleanse and happiness challenge and some awesome tips for yoga stretches and meditation too. Don't miss this really informative post. It will make you think about your life differently.
What would happen to your pet if something happened to you? We've got the perfect answer and all you need to do is put it in your purse or wallet! Grab your Pet Home Alone Card now and be sure to give one to all your family and friends too. Download your free copy now.
Do you have an anxious child in your family? As it's a very common issue, chances are you do. We have found some helpful phrases that you can learn that will assist you to banish the anxiety and soothe your child. This video has been a viral sensation and it will be the best one minute you spend. We have also included some helpful pinnable charts. This is a must read post for any parent or grandparent.
Today's Question comes from a Mom who is at odds with her hubby and his family over the issue of Kids Chores. They have very differing views and she would love to hear what you think about her dilemma. Leave your reply now and help Susie work it out.
One of the most heartwarming stories of all time is Christian The Lion. He was purchased in Harrods in 1969 by 2 brothers and as a lion cub they cared for him in their apartment until his return to the wild. You will be crying tears of joy as you see the emotional reunion in the wild and he still remembers them! This is the first in our Life Series of great stories from around the globe. We guarantee you won't want to miss this. Share it with your family and friends and make their day too. Click the link now.
We've rounded up the best collection of ways you can use Apple Cider around your home on a daily basis and you are going to be thrilled to say the least. We also show you how you can make your own DIY version. Click the link now!
There is so much to be gained by keeping a Gratitude Journal and our post shows you how to start. We also have included some gorgeous Leather Journals that you will love to own plus printables and a video and plenty of infographics. Writing down little things every day will make life so much more worthwhile. A gratitude journal is chicken soup for the soul. Check out all the ideas now and get started today.
Are you killing ducks with kindness. Our post is not to be missed and tells you why you must stop feeding them bread immediately. Don't miss this important information if you love animals.
If you have a child in your family, this is a must read for parents and grandparents alike. We are including a heartfelt letter from a School Principal to Parents at exam time. It is a great reminder not to define your kids by their test results. We also share an infographic of the 6 traits of highly effective parents. We hope you view and share with your family. It's truly insightful and may change or confirm the way you think. Enjoy!
If you, like us, find keeping on top of your grey roots a challenge and an expensive one at that, Trinny Woodall has 2 things that she uses for touch ups that you will never want to be without. This is a great way to keep your locks looking great in between visits to your hairdresser and it will actually mean you need to go less. We have a video tutorial to show you how. Click the link and watch now.
You may be suffering Candida and not even know that It affects 211 million Americans alone. If you take antibiotics you may have symptoms including leaky gut, brain fog, sleepiness, mood swings, hormonal imbalance, oral thrush, migraines and sinus infections to name a few. If you are on the Pill or take antibiotics, chances are you have the signs. The good news is that it can be reversed by doing a Candida Cleanse. This post shows you how. Don't miss it.

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