Saturday 6 March 2021
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How To Make A Phone Contract Everyone Can Live With

There's 7 billion people in the world and 6 billion have phones, only 4.5 billion have a working toilet. It's time to take charge and learn the disturbing facts about over usage when it comes to kids and phones. Our post has a printable contract for them to sign plus we show you the effects of over use. Share this with family and friends and watch the quick video too.

What Are Your Chakras And How Do They Affect You?

What are Chakras and what do they mean? It's a question many have. Today we share with you what they are, where they are and how they affect you when they are out of balance and blocked. This can result in all sorts of physical and mental ailments that we are sure you are unaware of. If you only read one post, make sure it's this one.

How To Lose Weight Without Trying

Losing weight is easier than you think especially when you know all the tips and tricks. We've put together meal plans plus how you can make minor daily changes that will have the pounds melting off quickly and easily. We have clean eat swaps plus 20 top metabolism boosting foods. You will love this information.

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