20 Ways To Improve Your Pets Life

You’re going to love this Pet Hacks Infographic that has 20 of the best ways to take care of your cat or dog. Check out all the ideas now and be sure to watch the video too.

If you have a Pet, you are always looking for ways to make life easier and this Pet Hacks Infographic is a great place to start. It has 20 ways to improve your Pets world with clever tips and tricks.

From storing your pet’s food to calming them in a storm, you will love learning ways to make their day a whole lot better!

Watch This Best Pet Hacks Video

Before we share the Pet Hacks Infographic, we thought we would include this video that has some great ideas that will save money.

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Make sure you provide a safe place indoors during a storm, close the blinds and try distraction or a calming massage.

If your dog seems upset at the sounds, you can try desensitization.

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When the weather is reaching extreme hot or cold, an effective way to protest your animals’ paws is to apply a coat of vaseline to them before you head outside. This will help prevent cracking and chafing in the harsh conditions.


As your animals get older, many will start to suffer from tooth decay and other pains which can hinder their ability to eat dry food.

By adding a bit of water to their food and placing it in the microwave for about 20 seconds, you can soften their meals so they can eat there usual biscuits with ease.

Download thunderstorm sounds and practice by playing them quietly to your dog, and give the dog treats or play a fun game with him while the sound is on.


Pets will undoubtedly take up a lot of space in any household. So when it comes to their food, why not try storing it in airtight containers that can easily fit into spaces where giant bags of feed wouldn’t. This will not only save you room but also help keep the biscuits fresh. The Pet Food Storage Unit featured above is from Amazon. 

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Does your pet suffer from bad breath? Why not try adding parsley to their food once or twice a week? This has been found to treat bad breath in aminals. Just make sure not to give them too much as in large quantities it can sometimes be damaging to their health.


It’s important to know how you can regulate your pet’s temperature when the weather gets too hot. Particularly in animals with thick fur such as rabbits and dogs, using fruit in ice cubes can provide a refreshing treat which helps control their body heat.

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In minutes you can create a small sanctuary for your pet using any abandoned furniture such as an old TV unit. Place a cushion or mat inside the base and attach a couple of drapes to the front for added privacy, and as imply as that, you’ve got a new bed for your pet.


A definite pitfall of owning a dog is the ominous task of cleaning them when they haven’t been able to resist a good roll-around outside. With this hack you will at least no longer have to worry about spending your money on expensive shampoos. Simply combine together two cups of warm water with half a cup of white vinegar. Add in a quarter cup of dishwashing detergent, scented with a fragrance of your choice and shake the mixture thoroughly.

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If you don’t want to splash out on an expensive scratching post from the pet shop, a simple solution is to go out and buy some rope or string and tie it around the legs of a table or stand. It’s simple but your cat will love it.


This is one for when your pet is performing miracles in making everything disappear apart from that one tiny pill you attempted to hide among their food. Create a tasty pill pocket by mixing together one tablespoon of mil, one tablespoon of peanut butter and two tablespoons of flour.


It’s a simple way to save your much-loved furniture. Dogs hate the flavour of bitter apple so combine two parts apple cider vinegar with one part regular white vinegar in a spray bottle and shake well. Then apply to any furniture you want to keep safe from your pup.


An effective way to get rid of the mess and smell when your pet has had an accident in the house. All you have to do is pour over some baking soda and, once it has soaked in, vacuum over the area. Just be sure that no pets are around while you clean up as baking soda can be toxic to some animals.

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It’s never nice to spend a relaxing day on the sofa only to end up covered in fur from your molting pet. Vacuums don’t always do the job justice so an effective hack is to use a dampened rubber glove and run your hand over the area you want to clean. The rubber will attract the hair and you’ll once again have a fur-free sofa.


Upholstery isn’t the only part of your house that will suffer from a molting pet. If you’ve noticed a lot of fur on your carpets that a vacuum simply can’t get up, try using a squeegee instead, it really does work.


Create your very own odour-eliminating spray. Mix together five tablespoons of baking powder with some water and transfer into a spray bottle. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, mix together and spray on carpets or furniture to remove any unwanted smells in a natural way.


A simple way to remove any scratch marks your pet might be leaving on your furniture is to mix ¾ cup of oil with ¼ cup of vinegar, dip a rag in and wipe over the damaged area. This should get rid of any unwanted marks.

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On a hot day a great way to keep your dog entertained is to find him a small paddling pool and fill it up with cold water. Stock the pool with some of their favourite chew toys and your dog will be kept cool and busy all day.


Rabbits can be quite inquisitive animals and if you don’t keep them busy they’re likely to entertain themselves by chewing on various cables and furniture in your house. To prevent this you can make your own homemade chew toys from items as simple as a small cardboard box stuffed with hay.


A fun way to keep your cat (and quite possibly you) entertained is to make them a playhouse using a cardboard box. You have the option of keeping it simple by just cutting a few holes in it for your cat to play around in, or you can go the extra mile and create all sorts of interesting playhouses from “Kitty Condos” to “Kitty Castles”.


Dogs have a lot more energy than humans. A good idea to help tire them out a little bit faster is to play fetch downhill. They’ll burn up a lot more energy bringing the ball back up to you and you won’t have to spend so much time trying to tire them out.

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