How To Instantly Calm An Anxious Child

Learn the 13 things to say that sends anxiety packing when it comes to your child. Find out what they are to how to have a happier life now.

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It’s a fact that anxiety, on the whole, is skyrocketing! It’s even more worrying when children are suffering from this debilitating condition. The good news, help is at hand.

It is important that you, as the parent, carer, teacher, or grandparent are equipped with the necessary tools to control the situation. There are a number of phrases that can immediately diffuse the situation. We’re featuring 13 of the best!


13 Phrases To Calm An Anxious Child Infographic

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The first thing to do is soothe and reassure the child. Words, when used correctly, can be extremely powerful. The above positive 13 phrases are recognized by Child Therapists worldwide.

Letting the child know that you are here for them and they are safe is vital. Reassurance is what they need in an escalated state. Anxiety Bracelets are also popular with many parents. They are available in adult and child sizes. They give much needed physical reassurance to the wearer.

Another great tip is to ask them to ‘tell you about it’. We all want to be heard, and that applies to every age.

You can also ask “if they can draw it”. This will immediately switch their focus and help to calm them down.

Reassuring your child that the ‘feeling will pass’ and that you can ‘change the ending’ are other sure-fire tips.

13 Phrases To Calm An Anxious Child Video

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