Portion Control Key To Beating The Bulge

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You’ll love this post that shows you how to balance your plate and harness the art of portion control to beat the bulge …

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Did you know that we all eat way too much? The biggest issue is actually the portion size. But how much is too much? Now you don’t have to worry about weighing or wondering.

We have compiled lots of infographics to show you exactly what you should be serving up. The answer is actually in your hands!

Portion Control Plate via Amazon 

You can learn sizes simply by using your fist, palm and even your thumbs as a guide. Another great idea is this portion control tool.

It is a brilliant idea and takes all the guess work out. It’s available on Amazon and is only a few dollars.

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Portion Control Infographic

Even if it’s the only thing you do, you will absolutely lose weight. If you drink a glass of water before you eat, this will also help to fill up your stomach so you are less hungry. Again, be sure that you scroll our entire post for lots of helpful information and don’t forget to Pin your favorite ideas!

Elle has put together an excellent visual infographic that will help you understand what is an appropriate Portion.

  • Protein (fish, chicken, beans): One deck of cards (3 oz)
  • Eggs (white and yolk): One to two per serving
  • Grains (rice, quinoa): The size of a tennis ball (1/2 cup)
  • Oils: The size of a golf ball (2 tbsp)
  • Nut butter: The size of the tip of thumb (1 tbsp)
  • Nuts: One handful (1 oz)
  • Fruit: The size of a fist (1/2 cup)
  • Vegetables: As much as you want

Portion Control Video Information

Do you have portion distortion? 100 calories extra per day might not seem much but over the course of a year, it’s a whopping 10 pounds.  Portion sizes have trebled over the last twenty years. Everything has got bigger including plates, cups and animals. We are exposed to super-sized versions. 61% of Americans are classified as overweight. Click play above to learn some clever tips and tricks ^

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Portion Control Guide

Alli has put together this excellent infographic that shows you the recommended dietary intake for the day.

This is based on 1600 calories. Quite often it’s not what we eat but how much of it and that is where if you can reduce the amounts by bearing in mind your portion control, you will find yourself slimming up in no time!

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Portion Control via Daily Mail UK 

Learn the art of controlling your portions by using your hands as a guide. You don’t need to weigh and measure, you just need to let your fingers do the talking!

How to portion control your food using your hands

Over on the Get Healthy Blog they call it ‘Portion Distortion’ – This super handy portion control sheet shows you how to use your hands and fingers to check that you are not over doing things. If you start implementing these tips and tricks on a daily basis you will soon notice the difference.

Need help to keep on top of your weight loss goals? This best seller might be just what you are looking for. It comes with recipes, portion control guide and so much more. Read the details and click the link at the end of the post to get yours.

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  • ★ PRE MEASURED CONTAINERS: Our Color Coded meal prep containers are BPA FREE, pre-measured based on the amount of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, proteins and carbs you need each day. Simply match your color to your food plan for ideal portion control sizes. similar to 21 day fix containers
  • ★ COMPLETE PORTION CONTROL GUIDE + 21 DAY PLANNER & RECIPE eBOOK: Printable food list for each container making grocery shopping simple and quick. Detailed step by step instructions to measure daily caloric intake. Daily meal planner to organize your day for success. 50+ pages of delicious recipes
  • ★ PREMIUM DURABILITY & EASY STORAGE: Our Efficient Nutrition meal sustainment containers are made of food-grade safe plastic that’s durable, stackable and easy to store. Ideal for work, travel or even a picnic, our kitchenware is perfect for people of all ages.
  • ★ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We believe we have the very best portion control containers on the market for weight loss, which is why they come backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Get Your Portion Control Kit Here 

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Portion Control via The Berry 

So, now that you have a good understanding of what portion control is, let’s look at a typical day and how you should divide your plate up. The infographic above is very helpful and shows you what to eat and when. Be sure to Pin.

100 calorie Snacks via Spark People 

Snacks can really add up and this chart shows you what 100 calories looks like. Again you can see that it is all about the portion size. Always put your snack or meal onto a plate.

Don’t eat directly out of jars or boxes as you have no contol over the amount that you eat. Meauring is key to achieving your goals.

Portion Control Tool

This Portion Control Tool is brilliant. It will also help you reduce your servings and you can save so many calories a week with this one simple change. Put your food on a smaller plate, it’s another clever trick that will trick your eyes and your belly! To purchase your Portion Control Plate click here 

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