The Amazing Benefits Of Positive Thinking

The power of positive thinking can have profound effects on your emotional and physical well-being. We’ve got clever tips and tricks that will change your life instantly.

Your mind is the most powerful tool you own and once you realise this, your whole world will change. The opposite is also true. A closed mind will be the most expensive thing you own.

Your thoughts become things and you become what you think. Positive thinking is a state of mind and when you change the way you think, you change the way you feel. It’s all about controlling your thoughts, maximising your potential and taking charge.

Your world is a reflection of everything you think and feel. It is not about how old you are or what you weigh, the eyes are the windows to the world and they speak volumes.

Anxiety is a driving force and keeps us in emotional turmoil. It is a direct result of living in the future, worrying about things that may never happen, lack of money, relationships and so forth.

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It is also linked to negative self-talk. Whilst there is only an apostrophe between can and can’t, when you remove negative words, you open yourself up to a possibility filled world.

Years ago, a book hit the best-seller list that changed people’s lives around the world. It was called The Secret and we were one that was changed. When we received this book, it simple information that truly made sense.

By making small changes to the way we thought and getting into the natural flow and frequency of our surroundings. We highly recommend you get yourself a copy of this book. To say it is enlightening is an understatement and you will not be the same after you read it.

Bob Proctor was a contributor in the Book The Secret, he is a best selling author and speaker who is renown for believing that success has nothing to do with education or degrees and  has everything to do with how we think and process.

His talks are sold out world wide, he is in his 80’s and looks 60 and thinks like a 30 year old. He is living proof that we are what we think. He has some simple and profound tools that will assist you to change your life and instantly. Bob also has a book.

‘Think and Grow Rich’ is available as a free download further down our page. Click Play above to see what Bob says ^

Benefits Of Positive Thinking

This infographic from Breath Of Optimism gives you an idea of some of the benefits you can begin to experience when you start to live a more positive life.

You’ll Live Longer. Stressing less not only puts less stress on your mind, it puts less stress on your entire body as well! Your heart, hormones, muscles, and nerves are all affected when you’re stressed, and it has been proven that people who stress less do have a far better chance of living a longer (and happier!) life.

You’ll Be Less Stressed. Obviously, thinking negatively can bring on stress. You might be stressing over the bills one minute, then feel like you’ve forgotten about them later on when you’re relaxing with a good book, but your body is still feeling the effects of that stress. Choosing to focus on positives and change the way you think can help you stress less in those moments.

You’ll Sleep Better. Let’s face it when you’re stressed it’s difficult to sleep! Your mind is already racing at night, trying to make sense of the day it just had, adding more thoughts full of stress to that will you keep you tossing and turning all night. But start thinking about things more positively and you’ll find yourself waking up a lot more refreshed.

You’ll Get Sick Less Often. Negative thoughts and stress can have seriously unhealthy effects on your immune system. It has been proven time and again that for sicknesses, viruses, diseases and all sorts of illnesses, positive thinking is one of the best medicines. People who think positively get better quicker.

Focusing on positives can also give you higher self-esteem, help you appreciate the small happy moment’s life brings, and even help you be more successful. Ready to start thinking more positively? Take a look at the suggestions above and keep scrolling below to learn how.

Positive Self-Talk

This graphic from shows how to take your negative thinking and replace it with more positive thoughts. Although it seems difficult at first, like anything else, with practice it will just become a habit. Here is how they recommend starting out:

  1. Put your thoughts down on paper and identify negative ones.
  2. Ask yourself if changing any of your thoughts would make you feel better in any way.
  3. Challenge your negative thoughts with more positive ones.
  4. Practice! Try to do this exercise every day.

Once you identify your negative thoughts, trying to find positives can seem difficult, particularly if you’re going through a tough time. There are always positives in life to focus on, however, even if it’s just the fact that the sun rose that morning!

Negativity and Self Sabotage are merry companions. This Cheat Sheet from Sacred Bombshell has some excellent advice. Part of the issue is that we are all perfectionists at heart and nothing is ever good enough. When we tell ourselves this continually we are not open to the opportunities that are continually in circulation around us.

You move into ‘peephole’ mode, rather than big picture mode. You are peeping at the world through an area as big as your eye. It is like living with tunnel vision and only ever seeing what is directly in front of you. Take the blinkers off and start to see the whole picture that is 360 degrees. There is an excellent article on the Bloggers Site that is worth a read.

Ways To Conquer A Negative Mindset

These 11 suggestions for conquering a negative mindset from can be especially helpful when you’re having a difficult day. Trying any of them can help you feel a lot better, even if it’s just because it’s a distraction. Some suggestions like ‘staying hydrated’ can be particularly helpful if you practice them every day. Eating healthfully and staying hydrated are positive steps toward keeping your body healthy, and in turn, can help you feel better about yourself and your day.

We also suggest that you invest in an excellent self help book like The Secret. Get yours here

Earlier in our post we mentioned that you can get a free download of Bob Proctor’s Think and Grow Rich Book. If you want to understand your full potential, no matter your age or stage in life, this is a must read. It will change the way you think about yourself and your life. Download Your Copy Here

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