How To Cleanse Negative Energy From Your Home

You are going to love learning how to clear negative energy from your home with these helpful tips and tricks!

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Is your house getting you down? Do you feel like a big black cloud is following you around? Today we are sharing the ways to remove negative energy from your home.

Negative energy can accumulate for many reasons. It can be from fights and arguments, sickness and even the evil eye of a neighbor. Keeping the balance and harmony in your home is critical and that’s why so manh regularly use a sage stick to cleanse their home.

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Ways To Clear Negative Energy From Your Home

via Energy Muse

One of the best things that you can do is give your home a spring clean.

Discard anything that no longer serves you and if you don’t use it, lose it!

Don’t hang onto old love letters and photos of exes that bring up bad memories.

Create a clear path to your front door. This is how money finds its way in.

Never leave smelly shoes around the entrance of your home or doorways.

Decobweb your home inside and out as this traps dust and energy.

Throw open your windows and doors daily. Let the fresh air flood your home.

Spring Cleaning Your House

Ensure that your windows are always sparkling clean. They are your window to your world.

Clean your stovetop as this represents your health and finances.

Pour salt in the corners of the room for 48 hours to remove old energy.

Ring a bell in every room. This breaks up stagnant energy.

Always close toilet lids so Chi (energy) doesn’t escape down the drains.

11 Ways To Cleanse Your Home

We have included this excellent video that will show you how to cleanse your home with a white sage stick. There are 11 ways in total that are discussed.

There are some other really great tips in the video so be sure to watch. Press Play above now ^

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