How To Remove Pet Hair From Every Surface

If you have a furbaby in your home, whilst you love them, the Pet Hair is no doubt something you would rather do without. Learn how to remove it from every surface now.

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We are big animal lovers around here and chances are you are too. Today you will learn how to remove Pet Hair from every surface and the tips and tricks are pure gold.

Before we dive into the ideas, a well-groomed Pet is a must. We recently showed you how to do a salon-style groom at home and you might want to check out the Flea Shampoo too.

How To Remove Pet Hair From Every Surface

via Neato Robot Vacuums

This Infographic from Neato has some excellent and very practical solutions to removing Pet Hair. You can use a Lint Roller and Microfiber Cloths and rubber brooms work great on carpet too.

Another popular idea is to run a damp rubber glove or sponge over the affected area. You can also try sprinkling Baking Soda over your carpet. It helps to loosen the hairs and makes them easier to vacuum up.

When it comes to your clothing, wash your clothes in vinegar and dry them with a dryer sheet. Another brilliant way is to run a squeegee over your carpets and furinishings. It is surprisingly effective and you won’t believe how much fur you find!

Pet Glove via Etsy

How To Remove Hair Using Pet Grooming Glove

Another handy idea is this Pet Glove. The rubber attracts the hair and you can use it in the grooming process and you can also use it on your furniture. You can find one here.

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