Have You Tried The Rice Experiment?

See how your words impact for better and for worse. We show you the amazing Rice Experiment and you are not going to believe your eyes.
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Now more than ever, we need to be extremely careful of our words. They can have a serious impact on others and be misunderstood and the Rice Experiment is the perfect proof.

Those who speak kindly to their plants report excellent health and growth in their homes and gardens. Whilst you may think this is a coincidence, certain studies suggest that plants respond to noises and frequencies. The same can be said of humans.

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How Your Body Reacts To Emotions

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Your body reacts to feelings and emotions as depicted in the infographic above. As you can see when you are happy, your entire body lights up. This is when your frequency or vibration is at its highest. The darker your emotions, the blacker your body becomes.

This is when you leave yourself vulnerable and open to disease and discomfort. This usually manifests in physical ailments and aches and pains. It is vital that we do everything in our power to keep our thoughts positive, our language loving, and practice an attitude of gratitude.

What Is the Rice Experiment?

The rice experiment is the best example of showing you the exact effect that your words have. As you can see from the above photo, the constitution of the rice on the right is barely altered.

In comparison, the one on the left is extremely damaged and has essentially broken down to a shadow of its former self. This is exactly what happens to our insides.

The Rice Experiment is brilliant to share with family, friends, and especially kids. You can see with your very own eyes the changes that occur when alternate emotions are directed at 2 separate jars of rice.

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How To Do The Rice Experiment

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Essentially you place equal portions of cooked rice in freshly sanitized, brand new, airtight jars. You label one with love and the other with hate as is shown in the above photo.

Over a period of a month, you say loving things to the love jar and spiteful, hateful things to the hate jar like ‘you’re stupid’ etc.

You put your energy into your words. Your genuine emotions must match the words for the experiment to work. You must immerse yourself in truly feeling love and hate. You can then monitor the results.

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The Power Of Words

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Kate of Viva Le Me points out the importance of verbal and nonverbal communication. Being present and having an understanding of body language is vital in understanding the true nature of another’s words.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is to speak too much. Less is definitely more. Speaking more constructively and using fewer words means we stay on topic. We are more focused and less likely to be misunderstood.

This will reduce the risk of running off at the mouth! Being kind, respectful and non-judgemental are some of Kates’s top tips.

Rice Experiment Love-Hate Video Results

via John Vincent, Youtube.

With that said, let’s check out this Rice Experiment that was conducted by John Vincent. The results are astonishing.

When you see the effect negative words have on rice, you will see how such talk impacts ourselves and others. This video will change the way you approach everything and everyone. To see the results, click Play above to watch now ^

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