How Your Words Affect Everything Around You

See how your words impact for better and for worse. We show you the amazing Rice Experiment and you are not going to believe your eyes. Be sure to watch the video now.

Do you know how powerful your words are? Today we will show you something that we believe will change your outlook.

Many people who speak kindly to their plants report how well they grow. It’s easy to dismiss this as crazy talk but certain studies suggest that plants respond to noises and frequencies. The same can be said of humans. We are all energy and a huge amount of us is made up of liquid.

Just see how your body reacts to feelings. This infographic from Skinny Mom shows you how your entire body lights up when you are happy. This is when your frequency or vibration is at its highest. The darker your emotions, the blacker your body becomes.

This is when you leave yourself vulnerable. You can liken it to leaving your front door open. Any amount of nasties can enter and do you harm. Love and happiness MUST be our goal.

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So let’s delve into the Rice Experiment. It is something that you will be able to do at home with family and friends. We also suggest you share with the kids.

Essentially you place equal portions of cooked rice in freshly sanitized, brand new, airtight jars. You label one with love and the other with hat. Just as is shown above in the photo.

Over a period of a month, you say loving things to the love jar and spiteful, hateful things to the hate jar like ‘you’re stupid’ etc.

You put your energy into your words. Your genuine emotions must match the words for the experiment to work. You must immerse yourself in truly feeling love and hate. You can then monitor the results.

The rice experiment is based on the 2002 findings of Masaru Emoto who studied the effects that words and sounds had on water.

You can see from the infographic above from Health Benefits Of Water that he photographed frozen water after it had been exposed to certain frequencies. The images tell an amazing story.

You can see the wonderful formations that resulted for the kind words compared to those that were exposed to heavy metal music or words of hate or humiliation. Masaru Emoto wrote a New York Best Seller titled The Hidden Messages In Water.

Masaru Emoto also added the names of the 5 major religions including Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam.

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They all returned incredibly formed Crystals. He believes that as we are made of water, it is a messenger of God. He also says that sickness and diseases are a result of vibrational disharmony.

Our vibration needs to be at the highest level always and meditation also had a profoundly positive effect as did praying.

Rice Experiment Love Hate Video Results

With that said, let’s check out this Rice Experiment that was conducted by John Vincent on Youtube who had astonishing results.

When you see what negative words can do to rice, you will understand how such talk impacts ourselves and others. This video will change the way you view things. Click Play above to watch ^

When you change your words, you change your world. Do you have an attitude of gratitude? Are your words used as weapons or are you aware of their impact? Kate Parker from Viva La Me has gone from barely functioning to flourishing and she’s an expert in the field.

She has written an article titled the power of words, think before you speak and some of the highlights are included in the infographic above.

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She points out the importance of words and what is said and what is not said. Being aware of body language is vital if you want to understand the true nature of another’s words.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is to speak too much. Less is more.

Speaking more constructively and using fewer words means that we stay on topic, focussed and are less likely to be misunderstood. Being kind, respectful and non-judgemental are some of Kates top tips.

Another is to ask yourself the hard question of does it really need to be said at all? Want more? See how meditation can change your world and increase your vibration instantly. Read the article here.

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How Your Words Affect Everything Around You

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