Hand Shadow Puppets Youtube Video

Shadow Puppets are so much fun and we’ve rounded up the best for you to try. Watch the Shadow Puppets Youtube video too and be sure to try them all out.

Great fun doesn’t have to cost you much and when it comes to these Shadow Puppets, it will cost you nothing at all.

You are never too old for Shadow Puppets and you’ll love sharing these fun ideas with the kids. Everyone will want a turn!

via 1000 Life Hacks 

As you can see from the example above from 1000 Life Hacks, there are so many different hand animals that you will be able to make.

They are also easier than you think. Be sure to use a big clear wall or you could use a sheet and a torch.

You could even get the kids to sit behind a cardboard box and put on a Shadow Puppet performance! You can make a crab, rabbit, bull, moose, elephant, and snail to name a few. You have to try the crocodile and moose too!

Shadow Puppets Youtube Video Tutorial

You are going to love this collection of ideas that are included in this video. Click Play above to view now ^

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 via Artists Helping Children 

Here’s some more cute ideas from Artists Helping Children that you can try out. We love the butterfly, dog, camel, reindeer, and goat. You have options galore and we’re sure you can come up with some too.

via Today’s Mama 

Here’s some more ideas from Today’s Mama to test your skills out on.  You will love to try the kangaroo, bird, goose and turkey!

via Lemon Harangue Pie 

There’s a further great selection here including turtle, rhinoceros, cat and ducks. Which one will you try first?

Another great idea is getting the kids to use their toy animals and the like to create shadows that they can then trace on paper. Love it. We found this idea on Above & Beyond

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